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Lil_Dreamer69 she used for the name on Xanga.

Her e-mail was

Okay well whats up errr1…im only updatein this cuz Chris wouldnt leave me alone he wanted sumthin to read haha like theres anything interesting anyways…lol well we can start from spring break haha cuz thats where we left off…lets see i didnt do much…mostly chilled wit Evan and the Crew i was wit Tonie like every day cuz shes muh gurl lol but yeah i got into a car accident STUPID PEOPLE shouldnt drive..which means get off the road cuz im drivein!! lol o well lets see i tried crack…i didnt like that though…so i wont do it no more owell lol i quit drugs arent ya’ll happy for me? i quit ciggs today too…about like 20 mins ago hah oh and i died my hair RED its soo sweet gotta love it…well actually Tonie died it but its all good i have no idea what to write in here lol alot has been goin on i just dunno what at this moment lol oh well we can start from the part im prolly most likely goin to LHS next year cuz im movein to my moms after the school year *tear*tear* o well most my friends are leavein BHS this year anyways 😦  ima miss the seniors like crazy infact i prolly wont even go to school much after they leave but owell my dad has been havein this bitch stay the night..i dont like her personally cuz 1. shes tooo old… 2. she dont like the way i dress 3. she got pissed when i had guys over when its not her fuckin house to begin wit haha and shes tryin to get my dad to get pissed but guess what the exact same day my friend paul n tim called n i was outside with ryan mike tonie n michelle just chillin ((still at my house)) and my dad said i wasnt home and paul asked if he could wait for me at the house till i get back and guess what my father did right infront of his bitch….HE GAVE HIM DIRECTIONS!!! haha dumb bitch she acts like this house is hers…she goes around cleanin it and shit and comes over after work n eats our food…like she needs any more weight…she needs to burn some cals if ya know what i mean and also she stays the fact her and my dad are in bed right dad says “oh we’re just friends” YOU DONT HAVE FRIENDS YOU SLEEP WITH DUMMIE and you dont have friends that are practically moved in and complains about how ur children dress n shit like that but lol it was funny the other day my dad told me to do sumthin and so i did and hes like so what did you do sence you had a day off n im like nuthin sat around n hes like u sat around when theres alot of work that needs to be done around here n i was like yeah n hes like well what happends when you get married and you have to clean what r u gonna do then right infront of *bitch* i was like im only 16 i dont gotta worry bout that right now omg u shoulda seen her face her eyes got big n shit it was funny but then my dad said sumthin n i walked away while he was talkin n i heard her say omg u let her talk to you like that n shit n then she was like and you let her ware clothes like that…haha umm excusee me bitch if you dont like it then buy me clothes but thats okay hopefully i wont have to live here much longer my mom went to see a lawyer and my mom cant have custidy of me n my sister cuz she works at nights and theres nobody to “look after us” while shes at work so shes gonna go on days and shes gonna lose 200$ a month but my dad will have to pay 900$ child support so yeah wow thats like alot of clothes a month hehe but he wont pay it he can barly pay for the damn bills…fucker… but i cant wait to move in with my mom ill have alot of freedom and everything it will be soo nice and ill have a bigger room and i wont have to live in a house thats soo depressing n i wont get bitched at…geez i love my mother i couldnt ask for more lol but im scared that if i move in with my mom i wont ever talk to my dad cuz thats how much i cant stand him n yeah ill miss him sum times but ill hate visiting him so i most likely wont cuz i know he wouldnt call to see how we’re doin..i mean c’mon now he dont even talk to me or michelle as it is unless hes bitchin at us but nooo hes got time for a fuckin 51 year old BITCH…hmm what else…oh yeah nobody likes ryan cuz he does crack and peoples parents are thinkin that they do it and well the people that its happend do doesnt do it for real so yeah i dunno what else to write so i guess im outtie pce love n chicken grease

Hey everyone…havent writtin in here for a while so let me tell you about my weekend Friday i went to my moms and my friend Tonie came over she had one of those babys from parent hood…she goes to Truman High…shes a senior and my bestfriend…u fuck wit her u fuck wit me…keep that in mind πŸ™‚ anyways i discoverd i needed tampons…and my mom had gotten a boob job so she couldnt drive so of course i had to take her car…yippe hah so yeah i dont member what i did when i took her car…all i can member is goin to mcdonalds but anyways the next day i took her car to get burger king and then later on went to the store for her and i stayed out for like 4 hours just driveing n shit like that so yeah and Tonie stayed another night and we planned Matt a birthday party we’re throwing him…its on Thursday…what nice friends Me n Tonie are…:) anyways so yeah the next day later on that day i took my moms car agian and stayed out for a long time…oh yeah sometime in the weekend we picked up paul n took him to the store n dropped him back off but anyways then on Sunday me n my sister couldnt find a ride home so we had to stay at my moms house agian that night…which was no prob cuz that means no school on monday for us hehe anways Evan came over on sunday ((when tonie was till over)) and he brought his friend Chris..hehe hes sooo funny and has pretty blue eyes and hes a big kid but no prob with that so yeah we figured out tonie had no ride home so i had to drive her to her moms boyfriends house and evan followed me and we sorta raced on ecorse rd. but my mom car sucks compared to his moms car so ofcourse he beat me which is okay then we dropped tonie off and so it was just me n chris in my moms car and i sped threw a yellow light n evan got caught at the red light ahahaha so he went directly back to my moms and when i got there ((i got there after him cuz i made a couple stops on the way there)) and then i got there n i thought he was in his car so i flashed my brights so he could move his car but then someone flaced their brights n it was TJ πŸ™‚ HAHA what a coool kid gotta love him anyways we all decided to go to the movies cuz doug said he can get free tickets…well we get there to see the Ring 2 and doug cant get the tickets so TJ paid for Me michelle doug and him self and chris paid for him n evan so we all go in and Michelle is on my right side n TJ is on my left n Doug is on Tjs left and as doug sat down he accidently tipped over this black guys 5th of E & J so when the black guy gets back…he smells sooo drunk and he was very drunk and doug did the right thing and said ya man sorry but i accidently tipped over your drink n the guys like well you gotta buy me sumthin and nobody had any money so the guy bends over infront of Tj and doug and pulls a gun out and cocks it and sas somebody better buy me somethin so Tj gave him 3 bucks and he went n sat on the other side of the movies but same row so we all stayed and about a half hour into the movie Tj hears the guy sayin ima shoot those damn kids er sumthin like that so tj doug and evan all go and tell security secretly and security said they will handle it and so tj and them come back and evan sits down and so does everyone else and tj gets up n says lets go and every one goes to leave but evans still sittin there bein stubern and wants to stay to finish the movie so i sat down n started cryin so he would leave and finally he hugged me n we left out the Exit way n i drove evans moms car agian and tj drove his and we went n got gas n went to meijer and tj bought a knife for him n doug for tjs car…. so anyways we go back to the movies and get a ticket that says we can come back anytime to see any movie and i think we might go today im waitin to find out from evan so anyways later that night doug stayed the night cause he had no where to stay and oh yeah on the way home in evans moms car it was just me evan and chris and we was playin padido and i was down to my bra and i was posed to take it off but i didnt so yeah that was my sunday hah scary i know so we didnt go to school monday and either did evan but we went today and after lunch i saw jordan and he came up n hugged me with out sayin nothin i felt like cryin cuz i miss bein with him all the time n all the hugs n kisses and all the fun we had πŸ˜₯ so i went to 4th hour n thats all i could think about and then tj walks in the room after the bell rings and sees me n i looked all pissed off and i started talkin to him n shit n it took my mind off jordan untill i had to take a test in 5th hour n i was done n all i thought about was jordan so hmm yeah thats my day ill write later n tell ya the rest of my day…pce for now

*Happy ST. Pattys Day*

Havent writtin in this in a very long time i was just readin my friends xanga n said hmmm….i should write in mine lol so here i am anyways its been a good week i guess lol my moms gettin a boob job tomarrow and wont be able to move which means haha if she needs nething from the store guess whos gotta drive her car to get it? thats right ME hehe anyways yeah im at my grandmas right now i cant stand to be at my dads any more all he ever does is tell us my mom dont care bout me n my sister and shes a bad mother…he just doesnt know the whole story…anyways…i like this kid Mike hes in my 1st hour…we get along soo good n talk all the time n shit n yeah but he has no clue..i dunno whats wrong wit me…i just cant get no bf ne more im gettin like too shy or sumthin i got no clue…or maybe its just the rep?? hmm owell i really dont care…i like this kid nick too…hes not really cute…its just theres just sumthin about him that just makes me look twice…ya know??? i dunno lol anyways yeah the other day was funny haha i mean it was mean and hoeish but i thought it was funny….i was at my grannys right *on sunday* and Brandon P and Matt n Sarah came and picked me up and we all went to my moms new house to chill then we got bored and left and went and turned off the big tall Mcdonalds sign haha that shit was funny its like OMG THERES NO MORE MCDONALDS anyways we went into block buster and i guess brandon got pissed at me matt n sarah n just like left the store n we didnt even know it and went home n me matt n sarah all thought he was playin a joke like parkin sumwhere else n laughin at us when we was lookin for him so we called his cell n he didnt answer n like finally we kept callin and he answerd n said we shoulda quit fuckin around n we wasnt don nothin mean er nething n hes like im at home right now find someone else to give you a ride…i mean seriously everyone me matt n sarah know that drives is like working or out in westland or partyin or sumthin so we had to call our last hope……dun dun dun… mom…lol she was cool wit it though she didnt mind cuz my moms a pimp…haha i cant wait till spring break hehehe omg i raised my social stud. grade from an E to a C omg im soo proud i did it all in like 2 weeks too how awsome am I…i miss my mom…anyways tonie might come over on saturday or sumthin who knows and shes gonna have one of those babys for class….((she goes to truman in taylor)) but yeah anyways i know theres more i can say…..i saw jordan the other day and i got a gaint hug from him 😦 i hate seein him cuz i always hate to say good bye n leave him ya know what i mean gosh makes me soo sad….when i gotta leave…and yeah hmm well yeah oh yeah i get a joint tomarrow this kid is just givein it to me for free hahahahha i havent smoked in forever…haha i told my mom how i smoke all the time and even drove blowed out she laughed n told me to be careful so yeah ima smoke this joint tomarrow prolly when i take her car out or sumthin i dunno…but ima go ill talk to everyone later ill prolly post tomarrow…BYES

– Run –


full name:
Lisa Marie Day

date of birth:
Dec 31 88′

hair color:
eye color:


location you were born:



Belleville High School

school name:
Belleville High School

how are your grades: do you honestly really wanna know
what classes are you in:
which one theres 6 of them


Blue and Pink

420 baby!

school subject:
Comp lit 1

racing sponser:
what the fuck….

indoor hobby:
outdoor hobby:
linkin park ((reanimation)), lil wyte ((phinally phamous))

radio station:
89x, wrif, DRQ

store: Pac Sun

shoe brand:

Linkin Park- My December ((reanimation))

band artist:

Anything that sounds good

Last Thing You..

said: “oops”


answerd my favorite drink

listened to:
SOAD- Chop Suey


When Was The Last Time You…..


got into a fight:
today..michelle called me bein an idiot

were in the hospital:

got an F in school:

did drugs:
WHEEEWWW HOOO, the other day

drank Alchohal:
justins party

smoked a cigerette:
iunno but i want one

answered the phone:
couple hours ago

read your email:
long time ago

answered an IM:
like 5 mins

bought new shoes:
hahah iunno

went clothes shopping:
couple weeks ago

ate dinner:
last night


dark or light:

black or white:

inside or outside:

sunny or rain:
rain- thunderstorms, not when im alone tho

cd or radio:

computer or TV:

punk or rap:
emo or metal:

mudvayne or slipknot:

hot topic or ecko:

kurt cobain or davey havok:
sum 41 or finch:

coke or pepsi:

green or red:

rap or rock:
rock depends

sprite or gingerale:
gingerale baby!

system of a down or usher:

lights on or off:

music loud or low:

truck or car:

dodge or chevy:

ford or chevy:

pool or spa:
both hehe

Are YouDo You…

single or taken:

afraid of heights: heck no

not really


innie or outie:

haha thats for u to decide


believe in god:
yes but no religon backing it up

believe in satan:
i wouldnt no

have piercings:

have tattoos:

think there is a heaven or hell:

Household Shyt

address number:
you dont need to know

# of computers total:

# of phones total:

# of bedrooms:
# of bathrooms:

# of rooms altogether:
# of people who live there:


last 4 digits of your phone number:

# of floors:

quiet neighboorhood or noisy?:
little nigga children r loud as hell, at my house, where the noisy ones

what do you do with the shopping cart after you pack the car?:
leave it there

how many piercings do you want and where:
my tounge

where do you want a tattoo and what do you want it to say:
my astrology sign and on my ankle
Top 5 Favorite Bands/artists



2: linkin park

3: lil wyte

Top 5 Favorite Accesorys…:

cell phone
2: make up




Top 5 Best Friends:






Hey all whats up agian well today was a pretty boring day…woke up at 9 sumthin and looked out side at all the snow we got the previous night….then i got on the comoputer and started reading all my old entrys from xanga…lol its funny cuz people read my xanga that i dont want them to read so i really cant put the truth about my day down and i rememberd when i had to do that a copule of times lol haha so youll never really know what i did for the day when i write in here at night lol…but thats okay cuz ill remember thats why i wanted a new xanga and i got one but its not paid for so i guess i ll start telling the truth about my days when this trial is over and i get a new xanga and not everones is gonna have the screen name…i really only have this thing for my own personal use and some really close friends and thats it but o well i guess i can live with it for a while lol but then agian..i do have a live journal that nobody knows about so i could always just write in that everyday too….and pimp it out like i pimped this one out and then on my live journal ill put what i really did for that day…sounds like a plan anyways yea i got on xanga and just admired my layouts n stuff then i ate then i came back and i talked on aim then i ate summore then i talked sum more then tonie calld my cell phone and she was at work and she was posed to call me back at 3 but never called me back so o well thats okay with me so yea anyways thats my boring day but hey if sumthin ends up happning like sumthing cool then ill be back…untill then pce out holmes

 [Plaid or striped ]: ta tell ya the truth…neither
[ Straight, gay, or bi? ]: straight
[ Sunshine or rain? ]: sunshine
[ Rain or snow? ]: neither
[ Sun or moon? ]: moon
[ Silver or gold? ]: silver
[ Silk, cotton, or flannel sheets? ]: cotton
[ Mickey or Minnie? ]: why?
[ Skaters or jocks? ]: skaters πŸ™‚
[ Preps, punks, or thugs? ]: punks
[ CDs or cassettes? ]: cds
[ Wild or mild? ]: wild
[ (Popcorn) w/ or w/ out butter? ]: oh w/ butter!!

*Yes or no?
[ Are you smart? ]: in some subjects yes
[ Are you superstitious? ] thats a really big word ya kno
[ Do you read your horoscope? ]: yes
[ Do you believe in that stuff? ]: yeah cuz it usually is tru
[ Can you do a cartwheel? ] : nope
[ Do you wear glasses? ]: no
[ Do you wear contacts? ]: no
[ Braces? ]: nope
[ A retainer? ]: nope
[ Can you drive? ]: ummm sorta
[ Do you snore? ]: nope
[ Do you talk in your sleep? ]: no
[ Do you like onions? ]: not really
[ Do you like cotton candy? ]: yup
[ Do you like pina coladas? ]: not really
[ Do you keep a journal? ]: duh
[ Do you like to dance? ]: no cuz i cant
[ Do you like to sing? ]: hahah no cuz i hate to make my self look dumb
[ Are you any good at it? ]: HA HA!…no
[ Do you like to talk on the phone? ]: yup
[ Do you like where you live? ]: Belleville
[ Is your room messy right now? ]: nope
[ Do you like your hand writing? ]: sometimes

[ Do you like to fingerpaint? ]: nope
[ Are you organized? ]: somewhat…depends on what am i organized with…
[ Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? ]: no
[ Are you ticklish? ]: lmao YES

ShOrT aNsWeRs!!*
[ Are you left or right handed? ]: right handed
[ What’s your middle name? ]: Marie
[ Who has the sexiest voice in the world? ]: thats a toughie hmmm im not gonna answer that
[ What’s ur fav. feature (of the opposite sex)? ]: eyes & smile πŸ™‚
[ What do you do when you’re nervous? ]: bite my nails or put on alot of chap stick
[ How old do you wish you were? ]: 18 or 21

hey all whats up?? nothing here well i hope yall can read this with the background and all how do you like the site??? i just make it a little earlier….cool huh….well yea today was pretty boreing…Justin came over and matt and ryan and me n paige n michelle was already there and we all just chilled and justin and matt n me all went up to the store for my sister and came back and chilled sum more lol justin made a water bong for like 20 mins he was workin on it .. it was funny hes soo hot lol justin is jordans brother…wow i cant wait for jordan to find out justin was over ehehe im hopein he’ll get jealous cuz his brother is hangin out with his friends but thats okay jordan doesnt have time for his old friends cuz all he ever does is go to work and hang out with his girlfriend who i dont like but she does have a very hot brother so lol yea im not tryin to get on his bad side cuz hes cool and a partier lol so yea anyways im waitin for my cousin to get here he should be here in about an hour…i just got off the phone with one of my good friends Tonie ((Justin and Jordans cousin)) shes cool i talked to her for an hour bout plans for tomarrow she was at work when we was talkin lol she was workin at the mall with her grandma so yea it was cool and we wanna chill wit justin tomarrow i guess but yea i guess im out for now untill sumthin interesting happends but ttul pce

Act your age: most of the time
Born on what day of the week: not sure
Chore you hate: Cleaning the kitchen 
Dad’s name: Ken
Essentail make-up item: i ware alot of make up so there for.too many to name 
Favorite actors/actresses: hmm thats a toughie
Gold or sliver: Silver.
Hometown: ypsi MI
Instruments you play: im not talented
Kids: what about them?
Living arrangements: dad and sister 
Mom’s name: Wendy
Number of socks you own: alot?
Overnight hospital stays: none unless u count when i was born 
Quote you like: everything happends for a reasn.
Religious affiliation: im not religious 
Siblings: michelle
Time you woke up today: 10:3am
Unusual habits: Cracking my knuckles (fingers and toes), scratching my head for no reason.
Worst habit: biting my nails
X-rays you’ve had: teeth and wrists
Your favorite season: fall

1. First Name: Lisa
2. Were you named after anyone? not that i know of
3. Do you wish on stars? sometimes
4. When did you last cry? hmmm…not sure
5. Do you like your handwriting? sometimes
6. What is your favorite lunch meat? dont eat lunch meet
7. What is your birth date? December 31st 88′ YEAAHHHH sweet 16 tomarrow
8. What is your most embarrassing CD? hahah hilery duff…((it was my siters i swear))
9. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you? i dont kno
10. Are you a daredevil? Sometimes.
11. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell? yeah
12. Do looks matter? nope not at all
13. How do you release anger? cry or osmetimes i take it out on people…sorry 
14. Where is your second home? Frankie or my moms
15. Do you trust others easily? not guys
16. What was your favorite toy as a child? my bunny rabbit, not a real one tho
17. What class in school do think is totally useless? math
18. Do you have a journal? i guess o
19. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Sometimes
20. Favorite movie? thats a real toughie
24 Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? i dont tie my shoes 
25 What’s your favorite ice cream? chocolate chip cookie dough
26 Shoe size? 8
27 Whart are your favorite colors? pink and blue
28 What is your least favorite thing about yourself? my frekles
29 Who do you miss most? jordan 😦
30 What color pants are you wearing? plaid pajama pants
31 What are you listening to right now? nothing
32 Last thing you ate? pizza
33If you were a crayon, what color would you be? pink
34 What is the weather like right now? wintery
35 Last person you talked to on phone? Jordan
36 The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? eyes
37 How are you today? lazy
38Favorite Drink? cock
39Favorite sport? softball
40 Hair color? blonde in summer brown in winter
41 Eye color? green….just green no blue or nothin and a black ring around them
42 Do you wear contacts? No
43 Favorite month? June
44 Favorite food? pizza
45 Last movie you watched? princess diarys 2
46Favorite day of the year? december 31st ((my bday duh))
47Scary movies or happy endings? both
48 Summer or winter? both
49 Hugs or kisses? kisses DUH
50 Relationships or one night stands? Relationships
51 What is your favorite dessert? icecream
52 Living arrangements? Dad and sister
53 Are you married or do you want to get married? get married hopefully
54 Do you have any kids or do you want to have kids? nope cuz i would be scared to kno what kinda stuff they do when their 15

55What’s on your mouse pad? im on a lap top
56.What did you watch on tv last night? iunno
57What is the first thing you think when you wake up? pizza

01 – hey
02 – whats up
03 – call me

01 – Hawaii
02 – cali
03 – Miami

Heyyy all whats up…well yes…i havent written in here in a LONG time so i guess ill write in it today…well yea its been weird lately with everything…specally BrAndon and BrEndon…Fuck BrAndon tho he aint nothin… Brendons just hmmm there are no words yumm i got me some hot chocolate right now YUMMY dont you wish you had some…okay well yea its sunday but lets go back to Fridays scedual that just SUCKED


1st hr- We had a sub and geez she was soo dumb i swear lol she had camel toe too lol other than that she made us read a packet out load to the class and (it was a class assignment we did it together) but then when it came to answering the questions she would read the question and we would have to answer it by our selfs!! what was she thinking lol o well its okay shes stupid


2nd hour- We had a free make up day er w.e and im not missin nething in there so i just sat there and talked to my friend Ashely all hour shes a Junior and shes awsome…we talk about boys shh tho..hehe


3rd hour- OMG this class is soo boring..we did “in the studio” i didnt do nothin in that class i didnt talk to nobody er walk around er nething…its gettin annoying in that class 😦 mr steve talks alot


Half of 4th- We had to go to the mini audi (the aditorium the small one tho) and we talked to our councilers and uhh lmao during homecomeing week there is a freshman friday but the counciler said it was all fun and games and they wont do nothin to the freshmans that isnt approved by him so he was like if someone comes up and puts shampoo in ur hair its all fun and games and if someone puts whiped cream on you at lunch its just fun and games and well the upperclassmen get the lower classmen 1st hour threw 4th and then 5th and 6th the freshies get to get them back


LUNCH- ugh i hate lunch its soo gay…i dont sit wit brendon ne more cuz his asshole friends took over the table so i sit with matt michelle jessica mike at a table next to brendons..i try not to look over at his table but yea…i never eat lunch at that school! lol


Back to 4th hour- we went back to the mini audi and talked some more


5th hour- i sat down and did my home work…didnt talk to nobody..((i have no friends in that class :())  but yea this dude hes soo gay in that class i swear okay he looks at me all the time and he turns around to talk to his friend but he stares at me the whole time he talkes to his friend..he acts like i dont know hes starein at me thats sooo effin rood i swear!!!!


6th hour- talked to Chris and Kyle and a lil bit to Trisha other than that nothin


but yea thats my day for ya then i came home n brendon was posed to come over but supposedly he got introuble by his dad then brendon got pissed and had his friend tim come pick him up and well tim is not the best driver ever lol anyways yea they sorta got into a car accident…*What idiots* lol but thats okay..i forgive him cuz hes sexi and a good kisser shh dont tell!!! well ima go now PcE PiMpS

     –YOU & THE BASICS–                             
1. name: Lisa

2.birthdate: december 31 88′

3.age: 15

4.eye color: Green! color: umm well its diffrent every day

6.personality: yea…

7.describe yourself: I don’t kno… im annoying to those I love?lol

8. Nervous Habits? Being quiet, bitein my nails..puttin on to much lip gloss
9. Are you double jointed? maybe
10. Can you roll your tongue? umm?
11. Can you raise one eyebrow at a time? yep
12. Can you blow spit bubbles? dunno
13. Can you cross your eyes? yea

14. Tattoos? non right now
15. Piercings and where? 9X’s 4 in each ear and my belly button.. how sexi 

16. Screename: B H S o 8



1.type your name with your eyes closed: lisa day

2.type your name with your elbow lisa

3.with your toe. liisa

4.with your non-dominant hand only…turned around.  lisa a book and turn to page 8. what is the 7th word from the bottom?tje

6. reach out with both arms. what do you touch first?cds

7.look and listen to the TV or Radio. whats on? Thug masnsion- 2 pac

8. If your NOT home alone sing this verse really loud and tell us if annyone says anything to you, “OOOH, shes sexy! work it work it owwww. la la la LAH”  NO WAY HOZAY



1. eat spam or potted meat?no

2. type with one hand only?no

3. wear the same piece of jewelry everyday? sometimes depends on my outfit.

4. twirl your spaghetti or cut it? neither..i cut them

5. usually approach your crush or keep it low? definitly approach

6. have a mole anywhere on your face? nope

7. write with your right hand or left? right

8. cut up all of your meat, then eat, or cut each at one time? One at a time.

9. carry more than 10 dollars with you on an average day? sometimes

10. have blue eyes? nope

11. have a swimming pool. nope

12. sing really well? Hell no 

13. stay at the computer more than an hour at a time on average? yep

14. wear thongs everyday? yep

15. like rock music? yep



1. rock or rap? both

2. chinese or mexican? mexican

3. coke or pepsi? coke

4. straight or curly? Straight

5. guy friends or girl friends? Guy friends

6. chick-fil-a or zaxby’s? wuhh?

7. ludacris or 50 cent? ludacris

8. guitar or drums? guitar

9. chocolate or vanilla? depends on what time it is

10. hot dog or corn dog? Hot dog

11. mustard or ketchup? ketchup

12. beach or mountains? Beach..even tho i look bad in a bikini

13. beef or chicken? depends

14. me or you? you

15. boxers or briefs? boxers

16. panties or thongs? thongs



1. clothes? big baggy echo pants and a beater and a big long tee that Brendon bought me

2. taste? hot chocolate

3.smell? hmm thats a tuffie

5. hair style? scrub bun

6. music? Down with the sickness- SOAD

7. perfume/cologne? perfume

8. nail color? Orange

9. hated song on the radio? dunno at the moment

10.crush? BrEndon