Daily Archives: Thursday, May 12, 2022

hard to get my server up and they were working on the Internet down the road

I reloaded my server with his 6 GB hard drive as it was doing that I walked down the road and seen them working on the cable.

They said they were rerouting it because the building they’re doing down there I got some pictures down there.

Came back home and the server was done installing on the 6th TB hard drive with no Internet.

I Putin a job and made it route login and then turned it off and reboot it by main server it came up pretty fast because it didn’t lock up in the bias now because I reset it to factory defaults.

But the Internet still down.

I ate some corn chips and then some chocolate ice cream brush my teeth and went to work.

Got a video in the cooler and there’s two skids in here said to leave on the pilot and he sold first.

There’s a lot of damages outside I think some stuff we don’t sell so they can’t scan it.

Heard it was only Diane and one other third shift person.

I worked on milks on the floor.

Dented voice to text on this word press online.

It’s 1:26 PM now.

Check the Internet is up at home but it still isn’t up yet taking them a long time.

How to take out the juice cart now the work at its 1:32 PM now.

Workday cardboard type Juice card only fit maybe seven boxes and threw away the box is in a cardboard compactor.

There was a Procter & Gamble guy he was taking a picture he said how he put up some price strips and rearrange some things and showed me.

Call the Bama milk so I guess they are are in the damages on a flat top outside the cooler.

That’s why they there we don’t some no more.

So I went out front to get a bluebird but none were there.

As I went out front I seen they had some trailer stuff on clearance and I text Donald this picture of them.

Can you text back like he don’t need anything for it.

I went and got a bluebird from the manager and then it said this page has expired when I logged in so I rebooted it and it takes a long time to reboot.

Check the Internet is back up but my server doesn’t show up as a static IP and I guess it doesn’t show.

It’s 2:28 PM now I’m about to count the damages to finally rebooted to the screen.

Counted the damages it filled up the shopping cart and I put it by the hole in the wall and gave the blue bird back to Jimmy.

Poured water in the channel.

When on my first break and bought a P3. A turkey Colby Jack and almonds.

Eat it and got a drink of water got a picture of the electronic place they took out the whole center part and some miles to.

Plaque back in and wrapped a skid I filled it up with water crates.

Put on the truck and it filled the truck the last spot on it.

Then got the bucket with a scraper and rag Village up with hot water as it did I did voice to text on here it’s 3:44 PM now.

Clean the channel about 1/ third of the way through the Band-Aid fell off my right thumb so I tried to use my left hand.

Didn’t do it so good of a job at the end but OK.

Wash my hands and look for a Band-Aid seen Josh and he help me look for one it was under the service desk on top of the file cabinet plastic file type cabinet.

Almost 5 o’clock by then.

Worked another L cart of juice The plastic wrap type this time pretty much of it fit it almost filled up the bottom of the flat top and I dump the trash from it.

I was talking to the manager and found out why it’s a little bit darker the lights on the side they have off now the fluorescent lights that are on the side of the walls up on the ceiling.

Bobbie called me when I was working that used car and I gave her three dollars that I had besides a 20 in cash and a bag of food I guess to sloppy Joe’s and some fries.

She doesn’t work here no more she can live on her pension right now.

Worked a little bit a gallon milk and push the milks forward then went on my lunch break.

Did not have to heat it for long. 82 burgers little sloppy Joe’s and fries and now I’m walking to get a drink of water at 6:04 PM in on break for a little over 11 minutes now.