Daily Archives: Sunday, February 20, 2022

Got ready to go to work in Kenny’s car I had to get Kenny because I was pushing on the break but found out had to press on the clutch went To work in Kenny’s car.

Talk to Lily in the back she said how Mike worked the milks in the cooler that third shift in the live load.

Got a video and a cooler and it looks pretty bad worked milks.

But not all of them I had to work the eggs they need the ones in the boxes.

I did get two egg carts out and as I took them outside Bill is doing a snowball fight with disorders. Billing out there to put a lock on the truck and he came back he got really close to one of disorders to throw a snowball Him.

Work more of the eggs that were in the boxes and got two more egg cards out put them by the receiving door and took the egg boxes and threw them in the cardboard compactor and went on my first break.

Bought an eight a bean burrito clocked in I’m going to get a drink of water now it’s 3:31 PM now.

Got another video in the cooler to show what I worked the eggs and the milks then took the skids out.

Started to work juice L cart then.

After working some juice L carts went on lunch break and bought a small TV dinner it is heating up now went on lunch right at 6 pm.

6:05 pm now.

Ate and going to drink water now.