Monthly Archives: February 2022

Did take a shower and could not fin the car keys. I looked around I did not put them With my wallet.

So can you let me take his car and he gave me a gas card to fill it up he said go to the mobile station so I went to the mobile one oil Donald used to work but it’s not a mobile gas station anymore.

I tried to use the card and it said you need to go in they showed the person he said oh it’s the mobile down there.

So I went to the one by McDonald’s filled his car up and took about $35 he thought 50.

Then went to Paul’s house and he got ready and we talk some and then went out and ate at a restaurant bar paid even though it’s my turn to pay because I fixes water pipes.

Got this photo of the food before I started to eat it.

As we left town called my cell phone he said call him when I get back home.

We got back to Paul’s and I just got in the car Kenny’s car came all the way to the Best Buy for the way from Paul’s.

I thought I’d just walk in the mall and they had a 3-D ab code of the glass doors and I scanned it it said they don’t open till 11.

Before when I was over here I was in the mall waiting for Best Buy open in the mall they open at 10 o’clock.

So I went to Meijer across the street flipped around some.

Seen one of the metal bar kind of shelves that I got already for the SG 30 and it works really good it was only $12.99 And I scanned a tag and it was $14.99 So I took a photo of it along with the price tag.

So it ended up costing $12.39.With my 10% discount.

And then went to Best Buy and waiting in the car for them to open at 10 AM 10:55 AM now.

Went in Best Buy and got the on hub rotor they only had one on the shelf I got a video around there.

I got about $20 off it with my Best Buy card had them points left on it.

Came back looked on the home video when I was in the car last, I cut the log some that day with a ex.

Looked out there did not see nothing then Kenny and I went to the hardware up town and Kenny rented a 10 foot truck the biggest one they have at the time.

Then we came back and Kenny went to Toccobell wile I set up the new on hub WiFi I am not sure got on the internet because had to go to Kenny’s old place and we got there and looks like Down is here her car is and we are just waiting now.

Her son should come waiting for him.

1:14 pm now.

It looks like my works now. But have to copy the data at home on the LAN.

Her sone came about 1:20 has a small pickup truck black said his mom is mad.

He just pulled out so his mom or Down can leave.

1:25 pm now.

We went in and started to put a lot in the truck from the basement and Kenny for got the key or just a number to the storage place.

So we took Kiles pickup back got some more boxes and went back filled Kenny’s car with speaker Recording stuff.

Went to work in Kenny’s car and went back to dairy and Scott was in there working he did a really good job I got a long video in the cooler when I was talking to him.

I pushed out the milk crates and it filled up a skid I was getting a check ready and then they had a milk spell.

Scott went out there with a caution sign and a mop but no bucket so I looked for a bucket and there was one by the hole in the wall.

It had a mop with no handle in it they emptied it and put new water in it and took it to Scott.

Then I looked for a mop handle and put that mop on the handle that I found in the maintenance room.

Raptors skid and put it on the truck.

Scott left and I can dance some carts in the cooler and got them out and folding them up outside.

Work some milk and straighten up the cooler some pushcarts where they go.

Bill came in and the shopping cart that was left here yesterday was ready to go and I took it up to the service desk and Bill got one from the frozen and he was in an aisle so I took it to the aisle.

Then went on my first break and bought a new type of burrito $1.99 for it heated and ate it it was pretty good then got a drink of water and did voice to text on my cell phone 3:17 PM now.

I clock back in at 3:15 PM.

Work more milks and wrapped another skin put on the truck.

Van Wert eggs and got to encourage out put them by the receiving door.

Put a bandage on my right finger got a ?

Then work juice and milks came a lot of skids I got them in the cooler.

Then worked more juice.

Got rid of the trash from it and ask to go on lunch break and Bill and Marie said I have to put my vacation on the paper I’ll she’s not gonna honor it putting it on the computer.

Buying a big burrito and I’m waiting in line now I’m on lunch break now 6:06 PM now.

Ate and Looked around a little bit clock back in and getting on the computer to see how many vacation days I have.

I clocked back in and got on the computer and got Bill any help me find my paper where I can see how much vacation I get.

Then I put it on paper.

Works more eggs and got a card out and put it by the receiving door.

Worked more milks to.

Worked Meijer Juice.

When on my last break and got some turkey slices I put them in the cooler and when I clock out I will buy them.

It’s 8:03 PM now I got about seven minutes left on my last break.

Got ready to go to work in Kenny’s car I had to get Kenny because I was pushing on the break but found out had to press on the clutch went To work in Kenny’s car.

Talk to Lily in the back she said how Mike worked the milks in the cooler that third shift in the live load.

Got a video and a cooler and it looks pretty bad worked milks.

But not all of them I had to work the eggs they need the ones in the boxes.

I did get two egg carts out and as I took them outside Bill is doing a snowball fight with disorders. Billing out there to put a lock on the truck and he came back he got really close to one of disorders to throw a snowball Him.

Work more of the eggs that were in the boxes and got two more egg cards out put them by the receiving door and took the egg boxes and threw them in the cardboard compactor and went on my first break.

Bought an eight a bean burrito clocked in I’m going to get a drink of water now it’s 3:31 PM now.

Got another video in the cooler to show what I worked the eggs and the milks then took the skids out.

Started to work juice L cart then.

After working some juice L carts went on lunch break and bought a small TV dinner it is heating up now went on lunch right at 6 pm.

6:05 pm now.

Ate and going to drink water now.

Went to work got a video in the cooler no one worked in the cooler before me.

I wrapped a skid put it on the truck and worked more milks.

Then worked juice L carts and then went to my 1st break and bought a big chocolate bar and breakfast entrees ate and drank water and clocked back in.

Worked more juice L carts and went on my lunch break bought a little TV dinner and ate and drank water and looked around and clocked back in.