At work was working the 2 skids of half gallon milks. It started to rain heal hard and Bill open the door of the cooler and said get a mop and go to isle 7 so I did and he was warping a column with a roof drain on it. It was making a loud sound the drain inside it must be clogged some. Some times it was coming out the cover real fast. I was mopping it up and wrap it tighter. But it still could not hold it. I got a little video with my cellphone of it.

The power went out and in about 20 sec the generate came on. But it don’t power the compresses and fans of the frozen or coolers. All the workers got tape and plastic wrap to cover the air screens. The took a while and some people still picking up the plastic to get in it. Bill said put tape on the gall doors and I did and then we started to tape the bottom of the plastic to the floor.

One man was looking at the cooler and he was starting to open the door and I yelled loud you can’t open that and he walked away then.

Bell said get a temporizer tester. I went to the bakery and they had one let me use it.

Was testing and it was going to about 40 degrees told Bill and he said put it in ice to get it to a better testing. I went to meats they have a ice maker talked to the person in there and he got a little cup and put ice in it I put some water and put the Tempichor tester in it.

Went on break and bought a big chocklet bar and went out side to get a video the built in generator it was going hard could feel the wind right behind it of the fan a lot.

Clocked back in and worked the milks in the cooler about all I could do right a 6 PM the power came on but it was a truck generator. I went on lunch break and went out there to see and got a video of the truck generator in side it and were they now plug it in. The trasnfor big mettle box. One of the man was coming to it and I walk to him and he said you can’t be here I could call the police and send you to jell.

Got another little video as I walked around the out side of Meijer.

Clocked back in and worked more in the cooler. Put the milk crates on skids in the cooler 7 tall if I did it 8 could not fit it out the door.

Filled some coffee creams too.

Went on last break and looked around talked to the person working in the compressor room some. He was making sure all the compressors were going.

Got a lot of videos and photos of things.

Clocked out on time with the wraps still on the air screens at lest in the cooler it was going down about 1 degree a minute. Clocked out on time 9:30 PM the day did seem to go fast.

Got a video out in the lot of the lot lights off they said they are not on the generator and that is how they will know when the power comes back on.

But the lot lights were on to the gas station. Must be because they run the power to the gas station like that.

Drove to McDonald’s and it was light up but had cones blocking were you drive in. I went around and could see a generator in the back. I guess they just got it and were making food but I was not on time for that.

So came home the garage door open and closed real slow. It works on a battery. I got my flash light and help Dad find his flash light that was on the table right by his chair.

Showed him how to turn if on and off just a push button.

Got a little video in my bed room. My server still on from the battery charged from solar power. The server still showing green for the one by the window. So it can stay up a long time. My cellphone was only getting one bar in my room. I got the ThinkPad lap top. but with one bar it could not get me Internet.

Gave Dad his 2 pills and went to bed and sleep about 10 PM or a little after.

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