My home server down because power was out.

Wow looks like my sever is down. Not sure so typing were I left off at home.

Ate cereal as I watched YouTube. Then got ready and went to work. Clocked in at 2 pm. Seen a plumber truck out side when I came in they said unclogged a drain.

Dairy looked good. I filled some milks and wrapped a skid. Put it on a truck and tied up the cardboard beal. Put some stored up cardboard in it that people left there.

Worked a L cart of box typed juices. It did not fit to good.

A person said hi to me. He said I help them with there commodore 64 he was back in the haggert sub. I do remember that some in the back side of the sub. He said he move out and it was left in the basement and he guess his sister clean it all out so though out the C=64.

That was neat forgot about that my be in my paper diary.

Got a drink of water and went on break and bought a burrito. Typed this as it heating up.

4:10 pm now. Got 7 minutes left on break now.

Came home and got big battery’s to back up my server in the garage but they go bad fast and out of 5 only one working some and it could not back up my server for 2:30 hours about the time the power was out.

1 thought on “My home server down because power was out.

  1. raymondday61 Post author

    I don’t have to post on here any more if power goes down at home on my home server because copied all my WordPress to a WordPress on Google Cloud it fits it all with all the videos and photos. About 200 GB of years of doing WordPress and I set the Google Cloud to be 500GB. It take it and only cost penny’s a month and they gave you $300 to start with for at lest a year.


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