Monthly Archives: August 2019

Typed this on here so could copy it to my main WordPress when got my server back running.

Went to work. Dairy looked good. Seen Melinda by the meats. Talked to her ask what to do.

Filled the milks not a lot to fill. Wrapped a skid and put it on the truck.

Got a shopping cart and counted the damages. Then worked the Yopliat.

Went on break. Bought and ate a noose yogurt. Lemon type. That is the only thing that I felt like eating that could thin of.

My home WordPress is down. I guess charging that lap top blue the fuse.

Clocked back in got a drink of water.

Worked another juice L cart it did not fit to good one that 3rd shift worked. Melinda before she left ask me to fill the coffin with juice. To work 2 of the last L carts of yogurt.

Got on this WordPress and can copy this when get my sever up again.

All most 5 pm now.

Worked the gallon OJ to the shelf and coffin.

Worked another juice L cart.

Got a shamrock to put my trash in. Pushed up the squeeze sure cream.

Went on lunch break ate 5:59 pm. Bought and ate a burrito. Got a drink of water and bought a blue ray set of rush. All 3 movies. I don’t think I seen all them or missed the beginning of some. It cost $20 and I got $5 off that with mPerks. Put it out in my car.

Clocked back in called and ask if going to open the hole in the wall. She said yes and I took the damage cart down there and waited for her.

Dumped them and wash my hands.

Made a price tag for the half gallon milk. It did not have one. I guess when we clean it, it came off.

Took the mop bucket in the man bathroom and put it under then sink. For over a month it was draining super slow. I took off the pipes and lots of black junk came out. I guess dust and hair. There was a mettle bottle ring in the drain too.

A man ask if can get 2 of the 1/4 gallon of half and half for the AD price of the half gallon one out of. I said I think so but called and she said yes too.

Worked the rest of the juice. Put it on other carts got 3 empty L carts and that left 3 full juice L carts.

Went on last break and bought a banana ate it in the break room. Typed this.

8:24 pm now. Got 1 minute to clock back in now.