Monthly Archives: April 2019

Power went down so my home server for this was not working so typed on here to copy it later to my WordPress at home.

power went out about 9:04 AM.

I said to Dad about ready to go and he said Debbie is coming. He could not do his char down I got a UPS but the battery in it is bad.

I help Dad out of his char.

Debbie came about then. He car is fixed but the turn singles don’t work yet she said. But the battery’s are charging. She bought eggs. Put them in the fig fast.

I open the garage door by hand for them. Debbie drove Dad’s car with him. I forgot that this new garage door has a battery. I used it to hook the door back in.

Went out side to check that is not only us out of power and it looks like others are too. Went to GTE on my cellphone and reported it’s out. They said about 12:30 PM will be back on.

Cleaned my TV screen and got the keyboard were it has a slot for a tablet or cell phone and used my cell phone to get on here. My sever is still going on solar power and sun is going in and out and some times will get all most the same power it takes to run my server.

10:23 AM now.

I can copy this to my main WordPress when power it back on.