Daily Archives: Friday, March 1, 2019

Put 32GB RAM in my server and a 1GB 3D NAND SATA SSD DD copied to it.

The door bell rang it was the post person. I got the board for 2 SID chips had to sign for it. This time it was in the package.

Took my server down and installed the 32GB RAM and the 1GB 3D NAND SSD. I put the springing 1GB I was using on USB and booted a life USB Ubuntu.

Started to copy it with DD command. Wile it did I ate food and watched some YouTube.

It was getting close to go to work. I checked and it copied just over 300GB when it’s 500GB. I stopped it and used Gparted to get it to 1GB size. I think it had to fix it too.

Hooked it all back up but it would not boot from that drive. I put on the old drive to USB and it booted from that but not all the way. I did not have some USB drives plugged in all the way. So I did and then it booted and I had to go to work.

Went to work. Looks good. SSH with my call phone and started a screen DD copy. I think I can’t disconnect. There is no way to do the control key on the cellphone.

Worked some milks the county fresh.

Went on break and bought and ate a burreto.

Worked other things too and some juice.

Typed this on the on line WordPress on there computer up stairs. I don’t want to type on mine because it is copying it now. I think.

5:54 PM now. I got to go clock back in got less then 3 minutes too now.