Monthly Archives: February 2019

Never found out what was wrong but I got a new server a small book size one with a i7 CPU.

I was up all night my server keeps going down on a Intel compute stick. I wanted to change it to the other board and DD back it all up and copied it to another one. But it would not boot. So I installed it fresh on another one.

Trying to changed it’s IP and super hard to do. I install webmin and changed it’s IP and then could not get it any more. Have to just type on the HDMI screen and can’t do any apt get then because no internet.

Nothing works to get it’s IP guess hard to just type it with out doing a copy and paste.

Keep rebooting it to see if the changes will get a IP.

Did a dhclient enp2s0 and it got a IP then.

Then I could copy and paste /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml at and put my IP in place of the text.

netplan apply

It got the IP I set it to then.