Monthly Archives: January 2019

My main server was down fixing a 3TB.

Got up about 6:30 AM I think.

My server was down again. The e2fsck -f -c -v /dev/sda1 was just over 50% done before it locked up.

Hold down the power button on the Intel computer stick and it rebooted. I unplugged the USB audio and plugged the Boot USB in that and that worked. So booted with all the drives on it. It did mount the 3TB as /dev/sda1 and I started that command again that my take all day. So typing this on the WordPress on line now and can copy it to my main one when it’s done checking the 3TB drive. Not even sure what one that is.

7:33 AM now.

The HDMI screen on the live Ubuntu keeps going to sleep. Looks like just have to press enter 2 times to get the screen to come back on. It’s the live desktop and I don’t have a mouse plug in it.

Looked at the drives. It’s the WD element one. The lap top size hard drive in a case that is 3TB.

Checked what I have in the bank and what I spent on Amazon because it shows it in the bank.

7:53 AM now.

Gave Dad his one pill.

Looked if I had a 8 pin U shaped Dim plug and I don’t. So looked on line and order 4 of them from a place. with shipping came to $12.83 then looked on Amazon for a S/video stereo cable and order one 12 foot one. I can cut it in half to make 2 C=64 video cables. I need to wire it different on the Ultimate 64. The cable cost $12.02 with shipping.

8:43 AM now.

Watched some YouTube on my TV and seen a video that the Nintendo Wii on line will go down at the end of this month. I looked at my Wii remote and it had some battery acid on one end. I clean it as good as I could don’t have any baking soda. I guess will get it when I go to work today.

Turn on the Wii and the big TV and picked component connection. It worked. I have not turn on the Wii in maybe 6 years seems like not sure.

I went on line looked at it some.

It was time to go to the senior center to eat. I drove Dad in his car there and they had birthday Monday today. So they bought out the food to use and had ice cream and cake.

We ate and came home and I got the recycle beans in the garage and got the mail.

Parked the car in the garage.

Looked at the Wii a little more and then on line my Meijer and they have the tax PDF can download and I did. Then uploaded it to the server were Debbie is and used Hangouts to tell her. She will not be back home to late afternoon said.

I did a update to there sever.

Turn off the Wii and typed this. The checking disk on my server with the Live Ubuntu USB stick is at 64.12% now. It should be done when I get home from work.

12:43 PM now. Got to get ready and go to work now. Went to work. Clocked in at 1 pm