Monthly Archives: September 2018

Dad and I left Steve and Shrons.

We left about 10 am and I drove but it was hard staying awake. We stopped at the 1st McDonald’s and Dad gave me cash to get him coffee and I got a shack. He drove them.

I out Fankinboth in the GPS and Dad drove the rest of the way. He had some trubel with his feet doing the gas and break. He moved the set back and it was better.

We got there about 1 pm. I drop dad stop at the door and went in. I parked the car.

Went in. It was busy. We waited a little in line. I could not got to my sever. I went to Google wifi it said off line. I was on there free wifi there.

We sat down. Dad order the chicken dinner all white meat cost $2 more.

I was seeing it can got to smart power 2 but can’t see it on the list. It did say Google WiFi online too. Can’t see my server ether.

Maybe because have it in static.

They brought out little foods for us to eat wile waiting. We ate.

I typed this on the other WordPress. They came took the old plates away gave big one and waiting for the chicken now.

1:41 pm now.

Can’t get to my WordPress at home so typing on here.

Dad and I went to the senior center and they had birthday Monday. So bought out all to us. About 40 people there. We got ice cream and cake added more then usual. Then we came back home. I drove his car. I did say how I get a week off in 2 more weeks. He said maybe we can got to Choago on a trine that he would pay. I said maybe to Steve and Sharon’s up north. He said my not want us they only do when there kids are there.

We got home and I think I said for True image to do something and Chome closed then it said I don’t have permission to run Chome. I rebooted and as it did watch some YouTube on my TV.

Only had a little time to see if can fix Chome and never did. UPS came bought the shelf size USB power speakers. I just open the package to make sure what it was. Bushed my teeth and went to work. Had like 30 second to clock in at 1:30 pm. I did and got a video as I looked at diary. It looks super good. Dieann did a super job again.

Looks like she left milk for me to do. I know it’s hard for her to get down the big stacks of it now.

Filled the main milks and wrapped a skid put it aside they have the isle way in the back blocked off some.

Worked the skid of Meijer gallon water. I thought I could empty it to the shelf but only fit about 20% of it. There is now skid to put down to put empty milk crates one now.

Went on break and bought a fairlife chocolate milk and a small burrito. Drank some and ate the buttito.

Clocked back in. Tested Google wifi it says it’s off line. When I get home from work will have to see what it wrong it was working when I left for work about 1:20 pm.

Checked moniter-io it said went down at 01:48:22 PM so not long after I went to work. It did say up at 12 days the most I seen. Now it will go back down to 1 day after I see what is wrong.

Worked a small L cart only put 3 boxes up from it.

Filled some milks to get some crates. To empty the fat free and half % milks. Got it and the hose all ready to go out and called Bill but the frozen came. 7 skids. I made room in the isle way and in the frzzer. Got them all in and last one all most fellover.

Went on lunch bought and ate a soup.

Typed this as I walked to get a drink of water.

5:56 pm now. Got just over 15 minutes left on lunch now.

Looked around clocked in and Bill open the receiving door for me and help me by taking the bossy out and I took the hose out.

It took about 2 hours. Have to take all off it turn every thing over to clean the other side too.have to scrub it all wile spaying water.

It was starting to get dark just as I bought it in and out all back and fill it with the milk I took off it.

Went on last break and typed this.

8:41 pm now. I get off at 9:30 pm today. Tomorrow get the day off.

Got 9 more minutes left on last break now.