Monthly Archives: July 2018

power went out about 7:15 AM

I was on my computer when power went out the screen went off but then back on and I just turn my Windows 10 off.

Looked at things that are battery backup still working.

Got my Sony wide screen camera and walked out side and looked to see if any power wires were down. I did not see any. Then went out with my cell phone and looked for WiFi. My Home one can see on the road. But can’t connect. I don’t know why but can’t connect with the cell phone. I guess the AT&T ant by Meijer has no power.

On on my Jetpack it uses the Ant down the road by the service drive. I got on line like that with my cell phone tetherd to the jetpack.

Reported are address power out to DTE on line.

Then hooked up my Chrome book. Hard to find how to get to this WordPress online. I looked on my phone have it saved to switch to it so typed that in here.

Power just came back on 9:02 AM.