Emmc memory messed up on Intel compute stick Got it fixed.

Got up for a wile about at 2:30 AM. Checked my e-mail and Google hangouts.

Typed the rest of yesterday and this.

3:10 AM now.

Went back to bed and got up just after 6 AM. Checked my e-mail and got one from Odroid about smart power 2 I was going to log in my server to test if can telnet to the smart power 2 but I could not connect to my server. I turn on the LCD HDMI screen and nothing. The power LED on and I unplug the power and back in.

But it will not boot! It gets some error and I took a screen show of it.


Not sure what to do to fix it looked on line and can’t find any good help.

Went to make a boot USB live Ubuntu but Windows will not let it right to the 8GB USB stick.

I guess will try the Windows on the stick by my bed.

7:58 AM now. Have to type this on the WordPress at WordPress.com because my server is down.

The top top I typed about 3 AM and my server was working then.

Got a e-mail back from Ian (Linuxium) and he said to boot from a live USB and run fsck on the emmc. I did and that did fix it some what but still would not boot all the way.

What fixed it was “dpkg –configure -a” and a lot of text went on the screen doing that like boot stuff.

Rebooted and it came back up.

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