Daily Archives: Tuesday, April 17, 2018

It was past midnight and I open the new CD I bought at work. “Kelsea Ballerini Unapologetically” Started to rip it found out it’s county music. Windows media player could not auto get the cover art so I open them in MP3tag and edit it a lot. Took the pages out and scan them. I had to scan them with the USB scanner. Because the printer is on WiFi and I am connected to Comcast WiFi accost the street some place. I have to unplug my cable modem because it will just see that WiFi that don’t have any connection.

Got the new CD all scanned it took a wile to scan it and put it all in the mp3 tags. I can’t save it to my server with out internet.

It’s 3:16 AM now. Going to go to bed.

Looked at what photos and videos Google backed up.

Not going to bed.

3:28 AM now.

Got up just before 7:30 AM when Debbie called my cell phone. She said have to cancel Dad’s appointment today the roads are to bad. She said give the cell phone to Dad and I did and dad said he is drying because he can’t walk. Dad said give him a pitcher of water. I don’t know if we have one so I just got a big glass.

Had to hook up to Comcast wifi again. Then typed to Debbie some on hangouts and this.

I said maybe because Dad can’t watch TV now that he mostly does that is why he says can’t walk and drying.

7:35 AM now.

Called Comcast on my cell phone. Can only talk to a computer and I said “cable out” after a long time I could say to talk to a person and was on hold only about 2 minutes. Gave them the ticket number from yesterday. She just said some one will be out here between 2 and 5 PM. I said how it’s been over 24 hours and that’s what they said yesterday and it’s over 24 hours.

Told Dad he said he knows they want him to cut down that tree. I said it is the one were the limb came off and took down the cable from the pull.

Donald got on hangouts and said been calling Dad’s cell phone. I said it’s in the car and how he said he can’t walk and it dying. I guess because no TV to watch over 24 hours now.

8:06 AM now.

Got the mobile hotspot to work with the new name and password I did a easy one. I connected with my cell phone then with time it connected to the old one with no internet again.

Trying with my server and just the command line and can’t get it still to connect to my Windows 10 WiFi.

I went out to the car and the cell phone was not in there. Dad had it right next to him and he picked up the mouse but it was to late. I said that is not the cell phone. Donald called again and finely Dad is talking on his cell phone.

8:26 AM now.

Worked on my server but just can’t get it to connect easy. I bridged the Ethernet on my Windows 10 but could not get it to connect still. Just gave up.

8:56 AM now.

Can’t update this now. It just says “No Internet, open” It sees the xfinitywifi and I disconnect and reconnect and it don’t connect.

9:02 AM now. Just store this on my Windows 10 chrome for now till can update it.

I went out to the barn and got the long ladder in the back part of the barn. Took it out to the pole but a tree in the way to get the ladder on it. I did test it on the tree but it was to dangers. I cut that tree down with the hand saw and drag it over to the pile. I was to were out to put it on top of the wood pile.

Then went up there with the ladder. Maybe need 2 more feet taller and then would have to each back to plug the cable it. I just gave up.

Gave a video up there. It was high up. put the ladder back and got a video back in the barn.

Told Dad what I did.

Got on my comptuer and this time could connect again to xfinitywifi.

9:39 AM now.

Disconnected from the xfinitywifi so I could connect to my OnHub to connect to my server and that works. I found out all ready have that “Jackie Evancho Two Hearts” CD. But I copied it over the ones I had because I did a lot adding the tags data to the songs.

Then uploaded the 2 videos to my server I just did today out looking at the cable on the pole. Having Plex scan all now. I am not sure what folder it’s in on Plex so I just had it scan all that will take some time.

I can’t update this again now.

9:56 AM now.

Kenny came and then Debbie right after him. Debbie said she did not stop the appointment but can be late. So got Dad ready with putting pants on him but then he went to the rest room and got pee all over his pants and the floor.