A tree in the back took down are cable. Dad fell down till I got home from work.

Watched YouTube and then drank some OJ and brushed my teeth. Typed the last part of yesterday.

It’s 1:55 AM now.

Laid in bed and watched a little more YouTube and it was hard to get to sleep. I guess I did and got up about 7 AM.

Plugged in Kenny’s old PC and booted it. The Windows 10 I had was a 64 Bit install and it said can’t use that only 32 bit and I said just 32 bit when I put it on the USB stick. So I just started to made the USB stick again and this time said use both 32 and 64 bit.

Wanted to mount it with True Image but it said trail has ended. I bought a upgrade for $30 I guess that’s why the boot one said have to activate it.

The grill speaker I checked on and it had the price and were to send a check. I set it up at the bank to send a check to his PO box. About $15 with shipping. Send him a message that I sent it with the bank.

True image has a update and it’s installing it now. The Windows 10 stick is at 69% now. It takes a long time to make it.

8:13 AM now.

From Amazon order 2 SATA to IDE adaptors and 10 capacitors but they will take like a week to get. The right type for the video card in Kenny’s old Windows XP.

8:36 AM now.

96% done with the Windows 10 USB stick now.

Ate some chips as I watched a little YouTube on my TV.

Drank some OJ and brushed my teeth.

Now Windows is creating the stick. 94% on that part now.

9:13 AM now.

Laid back guess I got some more sleep.

Got up and the cable is down. So not phone/TV/Internet. It was frizzing rain out.

I watched a show on TiVo. Dad said fix the TV I said the cable is out he said the light is on and I said they are not the same. Hard to get him to get it.

He said got put down ant traps. I said if you don’t drop food on the floor or leave it on the counter would not have ants.

I went to Meijer. Had to scrap off the ice it was easy. Went to Meijer and I looked at every DVD in there $5 ban. Shrek 3 was not in there.

Went to the cooler and got the Shrek 2 I forgot to take last night. The cooler door was open and Ashely was in there working. I don’t know if she seen me or not.

Bought a Daisy cottage cheese. I had a capon for $0.50 and $1.00 off with mPerks. Bought ant traps too.

Came home and bought in the news paper and set up ant traps. Started to copy the videos from the 32GB SD card have in the dash cam I bought it in. Watched some TiVo wile I ate some Cheetos.

Drank the 2 little milks got from the senior center the other day. Made and ate a sandwich. Typed this but I can’t save it till the internet comes back on line.

1:10 PM now. Got to be at work at 2 today.

Looked what SD card I can use in the dash cam. Found a 8GB that had a android boot on it. Because what I am copying will take more then before I have to go to work.

1:22 PM now.

Went to work about then. I forgot my cell phone and used the one in the car. Downloaded a textpad and typed in it. But looks like I lost it. Dumb textpad I said save it and can’t find it any place save it with “WordPress 4-15-2018” but can’t find it on the cheep cell phone.

So hard to know what I did at work. I did get some videos when I started and ended.

Ashley was working. She got off at 2:30 PM. I got off at 9:30 PM.

Mostly worked juice, Yoplit, and milks. The new milks came in and good think I put the skids in right before the new milk came. The other people before me just puts them in front of the old milk skids.

When I came home Dad was on the floor at the start of the hall way. He said from about 5 PM. I picked him up and he said he drop some cards in his bedroom and when he went to pick them up fell. I guess he crawled out to the hall way.

I clean the floor in the kitchen and dinning room and vacuum the carpet.

Rip a CD music “Jackie Evancho Two Hearts” I played it wile I went to bed.

Went to bed watching a show that recorded on TiVo. Because are cable TV is out with the Internet and phone.

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