Daily Archives: Monday, April 16, 2018

Debbie took Dad to his appointment. Comcast still did not come out to fix the cable!

Got up about 5 AM and I took a flashlight out side to see if are cable is down in back. I was thinking that some cable was out for a lot of people but found out just us. It was dark out.

I thought maybe I can connect to a Xfinity neighbor but on my computer it did not see one. I looked for a small coax cable to hook up a antenna by the window. The ends look right but it don’t screw in. I switch the WiFi cables and then it seen a lot more I have one on the roof and then I got connected.

I had to disable more then 20 and I did the oldest one but like it 2014 I think it said.

Then I typed to Xfinity and they said some one will be out in 24 hours. I said about what time between 8 am and 9 pm I think said.

Windows can do a mobile hotspot and I connected with my cell phone and then wanted to see if my server would connect to it. After a long time seen it don’t see it’s name for my Windows 10. Then I seen the phone don’t ether. I don’t know why. I gave up.

It was light out so I went out back and looked batter. Got a video of it. The cable is down and a big limb on the power line. I got the ladder in the barn and then I got the big limb off the power wire. Move some other limbs that fell around there out so some time can put them in a pile.

Got another video of it.

Came in the house and Dad asked if Debbie going to come. I typed to her she said about 10:30 AM to take him to his appointment.

I found my WordPress on line and typed the rest of yesterday and this. It’s junk can’t connect to my mine WordPress with the LAN.

When we get cable back I can copy and past this. If it’s not back by the time at work I can edit this on my cell phone at work.

9:41 AM now.

Put this one line WordPress in the cell phone I keep in my car. But it’s not on line so hope it is right.

Debbie ask if recorded The last Walking Dead but did not the cable was down when it was on they my rerun it.

Checked my e-mail. Debbie said my be here about 11 AM because of the she has to go on back roads.

10:17 AM now.

Debbie came and as soon as she walked in her glasses got steamed up. We have a lot of moisture in this house because the duck work in the floor has water in them. Had to get Dad dressed.

It’s 11:11 AM now. Going to go the the senior center to eat.

Got ready and could not find my car keys. I looked and it took a wile to find them. It was in the kitchen by the microwave.

Then I went and ate at the senior center. Then went down to the sprint store. The person said it was cost about $100 a month. We talked some and that is just to much for me to pay for it.

Came back home and typed this.

12:09 PM now.

Typed some at home. But i plug in the cable modem and it only sees its WiFi then. I wanted it plugged in just incase Comcast comes out wile at work.

Typed this as I walk back to dairy.

Got a video of in and out side the dairy till I clocked in at 1:30 pm.

2 people for tee was there. They ask if had the little one. I showed them in the cooler and don’t have them.

I went up and got gloves. They were up there talking to the main manager and I waited some and talked to them on the way out. Said how it is super out the coller strips around the boxes. Makes it so easy to know what ones they are.

Bill called me. I said I got some gloves. He wanted to make sure I was there.

One egg carten was dirty and I went and got 3 paper towles. Clean it and a some dryed up milk on the floor. Had to use the scrapped on it.

Then looked a wile for a broom and dust pan. Sweep up in the coller.

Filled some milks.

Just past 2:30 pm then.

Worked the milks and moved a lot from the bottom to top shells.

Went on break. bought and at a small burreto.

Clocked in worked a little more milks and wrapped another skid and put it on the truck.

Worked the Yoplit.

Then milks came 4 skids I got them in good and worked one of 2 half skids.

Went to the meeting at 6 and we filled out papers that one my win $25.

Then I went on lunch. Bought a $2 TV dinner on AD.

Typed this as it heats up.

6:25 pm now. Got 20 minutes left on lunch now.

Ate got a drink of water and bought a music CD out it in my car. Typed this then clocked in. Put milks on other skids and got 2 skids empty.

Worked 3 L carts of juice. Then went on last break and bought a Fair life chocolate milk. Drank about half it.

Typed this. 8:08 pm now. 4 minutes left to clock back in now.

Faced up every thing in dairy and pushed it up in the cooler. They had me to 9:30 PM but I had to fill the milks and I did and wrapped a 3RD skid and put it on the track. Empty my shamrock and put it back in the cooler.

Got a video how I left it. If I could of done the eggs it would of been real good.

Came home and gave the cats food and water.

Watched some shows that recorded on TiVo.

Did fall a sleep on it some.

A tree in the back took down are cable. Dad fell down till I got home from work.

Watched YouTube and then drank some OJ and brushed my teeth. Typed the last part of yesterday.

It’s 1:55 AM now.

Laid in bed and watched a little more YouTube and it was hard to get to sleep. I guess I did and got up about 7 AM.

Plugged in Kenny’s old PC and booted it. The Windows 10 I had was a 64 Bit install and it said can’t use that only 32 bit and I said just 32 bit when I put it on the USB stick. So I just started to made the USB stick again and this time said use both 32 and 64 bit.

Wanted to mount it with True Image but it said trail has ended. I bought a upgrade for $30 I guess that’s why the boot one said have to activate it.

The grill speaker I checked on and it had the price and were to send a check. I set it up at the bank to send a check to his PO box. About $15 with shipping. Send him a message that I sent it with the bank.

True image has a update and it’s installing it now. The Windows 10 stick is at 69% now. It takes a long time to make it.

8:13 AM now.

From Amazon order 2 SATA to IDE adaptors and 10 capacitors but they will take like a week to get. The right type for the video card in Kenny’s old Windows XP.

8:36 AM now.

96% done with the Windows 10 USB stick now.

Ate some chips as I watched a little YouTube on my TV.

Drank some OJ and brushed my teeth.

Now Windows is creating the stick. 94% on that part now.

9:13 AM now.

Laid back guess I got some more sleep.

Got up and the cable is down. So not phone/TV/Internet. It was frizzing rain out.

I watched a show on TiVo. Dad said fix the TV I said the cable is out he said the light is on and I said they are not the same. Hard to get him to get it.

He said got put down ant traps. I said if you don’t drop food on the floor or leave it on the counter would not have ants.

I went to Meijer. Had to scrap off the ice it was easy. Went to Meijer and I looked at every DVD in there $5 ban. Shrek 3 was not in there.

Went to the cooler and got the Shrek 2 I forgot to take last night. The cooler door was open and Ashely was in there working. I don’t know if she seen me or not.

Bought a Daisy cottage cheese. I had a capon for $0.50 and $1.00 off with mPerks. Bought ant traps too.

Came home and bought in the news paper and set up ant traps. Started to copy the videos from the 32GB SD card have in the dash cam I bought it in. Watched some TiVo wile I ate some Cheetos.

Drank the 2 little milks got from the senior center the other day. Made and ate a sandwich. Typed this but I can’t save it till the internet comes back on line.

1:10 PM now. Got to be at work at 2 today.

Looked what SD card I can use in the dash cam. Found a 8GB that had a android boot on it. Because what I am copying will take more then before I have to go to work.

1:22 PM now.

Went to work about then. I forgot my cell phone and used the one in the car. Downloaded a textpad and typed in it. But looks like I lost it. Dumb textpad I said save it and can’t find it any place save it with “WordPress 4-15-2018” but can’t find it on the cheep cell phone.

So hard to know what I did at work. I did get some videos when I started and ended.

Ashley was working. She got off at 2:30 PM. I got off at 9:30 PM.

Mostly worked juice, Yoplit, and milks. The new milks came in and good think I put the skids in right before the new milk came. The other people before me just puts them in front of the old milk skids.

When I came home Dad was on the floor at the start of the hall way. He said from about 5 PM. I picked him up and he said he drop some cards in his bedroom and when he went to pick them up fell. I guess he crawled out to the hall way.

I clean the floor in the kitchen and dinning room and vacuum the carpet.

Rip a CD music “Jackie Evancho Two Hearts” I played it wile I went to bed.

Went to bed watching a show that recorded on TiVo. Because are cable TV is out with the Internet and phone.