Daily Archives: Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Plex server works super on a small m5-6Y57 Intel compute stick

Been running Plex server on my m5-6Y57 Intel compute stick. It has a USB-C port to power it and I have it power with solar power. Backed up with the house AC power. A Smart power 2 works good with it. That get’s in 12 volts and does out 5 volts and the most I seen this stick use is just a little over 3 amps but it only goes there for little time it stay under 1 amp most the time.

I have my main WordPress on that too. A self host one.

Got the HD home run on it too and Plex see it. I seen it record 2 shows at one time and both HD shows. It works. Plex on it can click on Use hardware acceleration when available before they had that the CPU would go up about 100% and could not keep up with a 1080 video. But now it can and the CPU only goes up about 1/4 way when playing a 1080 video now.

Got Ubuntu server on it. It came with no OS. It was easy to install on it.

Works super good had it seems like for 2 years now.

-Raymond Day