Daily journal day to day happenings

I looked for that online and can’t find any one that does this. I do on a WordPress at home and been doing this for years. But I have skip some years in the past.

Started on a old paper roll put it in a shew box with a hole like a TV and started to just wight in that things I did.

Started to right in it a lot and I have a lot of people rolls now.

Paper diarys.jpg

Then when I got a TRS-80 computer I started to type on it. Lazy Writer I formated it so it would print out on my Epson dot matrix MX80 still have it and the TRS-80 model one level 3.

Then got a commodore 64 and looked what word pressing program they had for it. I used Paperback Writer 64 then 128.

Took me a long time to get to a PC but I did and looked on line and got WordPress not sure what version I started with by it was a early one. Hello World! on Saturday, December 25, 2004. the 1st
WordPress post.

Got my journal from on the C64 with a RS-232 and then to the PC from the C64 with a RS-232 all so. That’s how old my WordPress is I use on a small PC at home.

Wanted to make a small server and started with Mini-ITX and went down from there.

Got a lot of HDMI sticks but none were good and fast with low power.

Today I have it running on a Intel computer stick and it’s on solar power too.

Have like a battery back up but it’s a solar backup. If the battery’s get to low it will auto switch to DTE power or just home power.

Took me a long time to find the things that will make it work like that but it’s working real good for years now.

No one else I guess has done this same type blog like I am doing looks like.

-Raymond Day

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