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Daily journal day to day happenings

I looked for that online and can’t find any one that does this. I do on a WordPress at home and been doing this for years. But I have skip some years in the past.

Started on a old paper roll put it in a shew box with a hole like a TV and started to just wight in that things I did.

Started to right in it a lot and I have a lot of people rolls now.

Paper diarys.jpg

Then when I got a TRS-80 computer I started to type on it. Lazy Writer I formated it so it would print out on my Epson dot matrix MX80 still have it and the TRS-80 model one level 3.

Then got a commodore 64 and looked what word pressing program they had for it. I used Paperback Writer 64 then 128.

Took me a long time to get to a PC but I did and looked on line and got WordPress not sure what version I started with by it was a early one. Hello World! on Saturday, December 25, 2004. the 1st
WordPress post.

Got my journal from on the C64 with a RS-232 and then to the PC from the C64 with a RS-232 all so. That’s how old my WordPress is I use on a small PC at home.

Wanted to make a small server and started with Mini-ITX and went down from there.

Got a lot of HDMI sticks but none were good and fast with low power.

Today I have it running on a Intel computer stick and it’s on solar power too.

Have like a battery back up but it’s a solar backup. If the battery’s get to low it will auto switch to DTE power or just home power.

Took me a long time to find the things that will make it work like that but it’s working real good for years now.

No one else I guess has done this same type blog like I am doing looks like.

-Raymond Day

Power went out just before 9 am

Was laying in bed and just before 9 am the power went out. Looked at the cable modem and the LED’s showing trying to contact. Not sure if the other end power is out.

Went out back looked around some and pick up some sticks in the yard. Checked the DTE all they said 11:45 am power my be back on.

In my room on my cell phone watched 2 new YouTube videos. The woo and a shirt security now.

Tested the 120 volt inverter. Plugged the battery back up in it but it don’t work. The back up keeps beeping and going off and on to the inverter power. I just put it back away.

Dad’s chair was up and he could not get out of it. I got a battery backup not using plug his chair in and it worked.

Got ready and went to the senior center. They have power. Looked at the app looks like just around us is out.

Ate there and then went to Meijer just to talk to Ashley working in the cooler. Said how had it was and that I had to count 5 days of damages. That they told me not to count them that morning has too. She said she don’t have time that I would have to do more stocking then. I said when Paul was here he counted them in the morning. But she said he was Monday to Friday.

She said they will not fire her she is a good worker and they don’t want to lose her. Because I said when manager as you to do something there is so much other things. She said she talks back to management with a bad like attitude and that they will not fire her.

Came home power still not on.

Typed this on my cell phone on the WordPress on line. If I had mine just in the LAN it would work. It’s on solar power. Not sure if they can fix WordPress to do that. Other things could like the message board I had in it.

12:35 pm now just typed this on my cellphone.

Went out side to see how are power goes. Was taking videos with my cell phone. As I did I seen 2 DTE trucks come down the road and they pulled in like the alley way the same as the electric lines run.

Came back and the power backup by my window is beeping fast now. So it last about 4 and a half hours.

Power my come in soon. 1:15 pm got to go to work now.