Daily Archives: Wednesday, June 21, 2017

At work port closed at home.

6/21/2017 Wed.
Went to work. got a video of the dairy. don’t look that bad. seen a lady that helps at the Senior center. said hi. Clocked in at 1 30 pm.
fixed some things behind the glass doors and fill some 10 for 10 coffee mats.
found a broom and dust pan. got a scapper too. started to clean the floor.

Can post this to my online WordPress.

This is good. Can use this WordPress on line to post just how I would before. Only on the Internet. I may have the port open tonight when I get home and can set up the new cable modem.

Sweep up the rest of the cooler and filled some small coffee mats again.

The new person came said in dairy till 5:30 pm. I showed him how to get down milk crates and no went up front to get 2 pair of gloves. I had to find a person with the keys and no could get them. They had them back in stock.

Came back gave a pair to him. We filled milks and I showed him how to wrap a skid and put it on a truck.

I showed the new person how to count the damage cart. He had a lot in to the symbol. He did it good. I showed him we’re to take it to the hole in the wall.

Then we got the 10 for 10 juice pitnitnon a flat top and bye worked it.

I worked a juice L cart. He was working on the coffin I showed him I went on break. Bought and ate a burrito.

Clocked in a customer ask if we had a yogurt that is on AD. I looked did not find it. Got the simble to scan it but I piked to print it and the only way out is to tell it what printer! I did but the printer could not get on line. The battery was very low so I went to get a charged one. Went to electricals then the plant place then service desk but found it up stairs. They had a lot. The room by the computer room.

Put it in the printer but it still could not get on line. I reset the simble. The scan said had -6 that is a box. I said we have 0.

Did not see the other new person again. Moved a milk skid and moved fat free gallon milks from the bottom to the top shelf. Filled it.

All most 6 pm then so went on lunch break. The new person name is Jarirame.

Bought and ate another burrito. Looked around and clocked back in.

The milk came. Ingot skids of milk in the cooler. The freezer truck came and I had to put them in the freezer. I had to make room and the skids just fit in it.

Changed a egg cart. I put 3 carts on 1 and got 2 egg carts out.

Filled bi milks. Got the skid out.

Went on my last break and bought a big Cheetos. Ate some in my car. Came back in drank water and clocked back in.
Wrapped a skid and put it on a truck.

Typed that on my cell phone at work so when I get my home WordPress working can just copy and paste this in it. I used the app on my cell phone worked good.