Can get a 128GB SD card

I use WordPress at home on a little NanoPi NEO with a 128GB SD card. 512M RAM and a heat sink and 3D case.

The 128GB card got from Amazon for just $42.

My hole like 10 years of WordPress on my LAN fit’s in it with photos and videos and lots of text.

Used Migrate DB

To copy my WordPress to it and used this command to copy my media to it.

root@NanoPiGreen:/media# cp -rf /var/www/html/blog/ /media/128GBUSB3/

The very small NanoPi does WordPress fast it works very good with it. No video on it so it’s a nice server. Cost very little too with the little added this I did.

If you did this on it cost you $25 a month for unlimited date. But can get 128 GB for just $42 and free on your LAN with the NanoPi NEO server.

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