Monthly Archives: December 2015

Start a post on line like I do on my other WordPress.

Mostly start a new post at home on the web not the app. But adding to the app it most the time post in a day or hours in theĀ future. So going to add to this with the app and see it it changes the date to a future date when I update it.

8:23 AM this should save it at that time on 12/28/2015

On line it adds & commands when I look on this app. Going to update to see if the time stays right.

This doable spaces on a enter. That’s why the & commands.

But the post times are working right but they can mass up on my WordPress at home. Hard to keep testing this.

One more test now.

The date is right.

Test if date is right. It is 6:46am now 12/23/2015.

Date formative I have as Custom that my brother it. Is shows like this.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015.

I changed it the same on the web one. See if saves at the right time now.

It working right still.

The “Week Starts On” was Monday. I switch it to Sunday like it is on my home WordPress. See if this saves right date still.