Monthly Archives: May 2005

Okay well whats up errr1…im only updatein this cuz Chris wouldnt leave me alone he wanted sumthin to read haha like theres anything interesting anyways…lol well we can start from spring break haha cuz thats where we left off…lets see i didnt do much…mostly chilled wit Evan and the Crew i was wit Tonie like every day cuz shes muh gurl lol but yeah i got into a car accident STUPID PEOPLE shouldnt drive..which means get off the road cuz im drivein!! lol o well lets see i tried crack…i didnt like that though…so i wont do it no more owell lol i quit drugs arent ya’ll happy for me? i quit ciggs today too…about like 20 mins ago hah oh and i died my hair RED its soo sweet gotta love it…well actually Tonie died it but its all good i have no idea what to write in here lol alot has been goin on i just dunno what at this moment lol oh well we can start from the part im prolly most likely goin to LHS next year cuz im movein to my moms after the school year *tear*tear* o well most my friends are leavein BHS this year anyways 😦  ima miss the seniors like crazy infact i prolly wont even go to school much after they leave but owell my dad has been havein this bitch stay the night..i dont like her personally cuz 1. shes tooo old… 2. she dont like the way i dress 3. she got pissed when i had guys over when its not her fuckin house to begin wit haha and shes tryin to get my dad to get pissed but guess what the exact same day my friend paul n tim called n i was outside with ryan mike tonie n michelle just chillin ((still at my house)) and my dad said i wasnt home and paul asked if he could wait for me at the house till i get back and guess what my father did right infront of his bitch….HE GAVE HIM DIRECTIONS!!! haha dumb bitch she acts like this house is hers…she goes around cleanin it and shit and comes over after work n eats our food…like she needs any more weight…she needs to burn some cals if ya know what i mean and also she stays the fact her and my dad are in bed right dad says “oh we’re just friends” YOU DONT HAVE FRIENDS YOU SLEEP WITH DUMMIE and you dont have friends that are practically moved in and complains about how ur children dress n shit like that but lol it was funny the other day my dad told me to do sumthin and so i did and hes like so what did you do sence you had a day off n im like nuthin sat around n hes like u sat around when theres alot of work that needs to be done around here n i was like yeah n hes like well what happends when you get married and you have to clean what r u gonna do then right infront of *bitch* i was like im only 16 i dont gotta worry bout that right now omg u shoulda seen her face her eyes got big n shit it was funny but then my dad said sumthin n i walked away while he was talkin n i heard her say omg u let her talk to you like that n shit n then she was like and you let her ware clothes like that…haha umm excusee me bitch if you dont like it then buy me clothes but thats okay hopefully i wont have to live here much longer my mom went to see a lawyer and my mom cant have custidy of me n my sister cuz she works at nights and theres nobody to “look after us” while shes at work so shes gonna go on days and shes gonna lose 200$ a month but my dad will have to pay 900$ child support so yeah wow thats like alot of clothes a month hehe but he wont pay it he can barly pay for the damn bills…fucker… but i cant wait to move in with my mom ill have alot of freedom and everything it will be soo nice and ill have a bigger room and i wont have to live in a house thats soo depressing n i wont get bitched at…geez i love my mother i couldnt ask for more lol but im scared that if i move in with my mom i wont ever talk to my dad cuz thats how much i cant stand him n yeah ill miss him sum times but ill hate visiting him so i most likely wont cuz i know he wouldnt call to see how we’re doin..i mean c’mon now he dont even talk to me or michelle as it is unless hes bitchin at us but nooo hes got time for a fuckin 51 year old BITCH…hmm what else…oh yeah nobody likes ryan cuz he does crack and peoples parents are thinkin that they do it and well the people that its happend do doesnt do it for real so yeah i dunno what else to write so i guess im outtie pce love n chicken grease