Daily Archives: Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Hey everyone…havent writtin in here for a while so let me tell you about my weekend Friday i went to my moms and my friend Tonie came over she had one of those babys from parent hood…she goes to Truman High…shes a senior and my bestfriend…u fuck wit her u fuck wit me…keep that in mind 🙂 anyways i discoverd i needed tampons…and my mom had gotten a boob job so she couldnt drive so of course i had to take her car…yippe hah so yeah i dont member what i did when i took her car…all i can member is goin to mcdonalds but anyways the next day i took her car to get burger king and then later on went to the store for her and i stayed out for like 4 hours just driveing n shit like that so yeah and Tonie stayed another night and we planned Matt a birthday party we’re throwing him…its on Thursday…what nice friends Me n Tonie are…:) anyways so yeah the next day later on that day i took my moms car agian and stayed out for a long time…oh yeah sometime in the weekend we picked up paul n took him to the store n dropped him back off but anyways then on Sunday me n my sister couldnt find a ride home so we had to stay at my moms house agian that night…which was no prob cuz that means no school on monday for us hehe anways Evan came over on sunday ((when tonie was till over)) and he brought his friend Chris..hehe hes sooo funny and has pretty blue eyes and hes a big kid but no prob with that so yeah we figured out tonie had no ride home so i had to drive her to her moms boyfriends house and evan followed me and we sorta raced on ecorse rd. but my mom car sucks compared to his moms car so ofcourse he beat me which is okay then we dropped tonie off and so it was just me n chris in my moms car and i sped threw a yellow light n evan got caught at the red light ahahaha so he went directly back to my moms and when i got there ((i got there after him cuz i made a couple stops on the way there)) and then i got there n i thought he was in his car so i flashed my brights so he could move his car but then someone flaced their brights n it was TJ 🙂 HAHA what a coool kid gotta love him anyways we all decided to go to the movies cuz doug said he can get free tickets…well we get there to see the Ring 2 and doug cant get the tickets so TJ paid for Me michelle doug and him self and chris paid for him n evan so we all go in and Michelle is on my right side n TJ is on my left n Doug is on Tjs left and as doug sat down he accidently tipped over this black guys 5th of E & J so when the black guy gets back…he smells sooo drunk and he was very drunk and doug did the right thing and said ya man sorry but i accidently tipped over your drink n the guys like well you gotta buy me sumthin and nobody had any money so the guy bends over infront of Tj and doug and pulls a gun out and cocks it and sas somebody better buy me somethin so Tj gave him 3 bucks and he went n sat on the other side of the movies but same row so we all stayed and about a half hour into the movie Tj hears the guy sayin ima shoot those damn kids er sumthin like that so tj doug and evan all go and tell security secretly and security said they will handle it and so tj and them come back and evan sits down and so does everyone else and tj gets up n says lets go and every one goes to leave but evans still sittin there bein stubern and wants to stay to finish the movie so i sat down n started cryin so he would leave and finally he hugged me n we left out the Exit way n i drove evans moms car agian and tj drove his and we went n got gas n went to meijer and tj bought a knife for him n doug for tjs car…. so anyways we go back to the movies and get a ticket that says we can come back anytime to see any movie and i think we might go today im waitin to find out from evan so anyways later that night doug stayed the night cause he had no where to stay and oh yeah on the way home in evans moms car it was just me evan and chris and we was playin padido and i was down to my bra and i was posed to take it off but i didnt so yeah that was my sunday hah scary i know so we didnt go to school monday and either did evan but we went today and after lunch i saw jordan and he came up n hugged me with out sayin nothin i felt like cryin cuz i miss bein with him all the time n all the hugs n kisses and all the fun we had 😥 so i went to 4th hour n thats all i could think about and then tj walks in the room after the bell rings and sees me n i looked all pissed off and i started talkin to him n shit n it took my mind off jordan untill i had to take a test in 5th hour n i was done n all i thought about was jordan so hmm yeah thats my day ill write later n tell ya the rest of my day…pce for now