Daily Archives: Thursday, March 17, 2005

*Happy ST. Pattys Day*

Havent writtin in this in a very long time i was just readin my friends xanga n said hmmm….i should write in mine lol so here i am anyways its been a good week i guess lol my moms gettin a boob job tomarrow and wont be able to move which means haha if she needs nething from the store guess whos gotta drive her car to get it? thats right ME hehe anyways yeah im at my grandmas right now i cant stand to be at my dads any more all he ever does is tell us my mom dont care bout me n my sister and shes a bad mother…he just doesnt know the whole story…anyways…i like this kid Mike hes in my 1st hour…we get along soo good n talk all the time n shit n yeah but he has no clue..i dunno whats wrong wit me…i just cant get no bf ne more im gettin like too shy or sumthin i got no clue…or maybe its just the rep?? hmm owell i really dont care…i like this kid nick too…hes not really cute…its just theres just sumthin about him that just makes me look twice…ya know??? i dunno lol anyways yeah the other day was funny haha i mean it was mean and hoeish but i thought it was funny….i was at my grannys right *on sunday* and Brandon P and Matt n Sarah came and picked me up and we all went to my moms new house to chill then we got bored and left and went and turned off the big tall Mcdonalds sign haha that shit was funny its like OMG THERES NO MORE MCDONALDS anyways we went into block buster and i guess brandon got pissed at me matt n sarah n just like left the store n we didnt even know it and went home n me matt n sarah all thought he was playin a joke like parkin sumwhere else n laughin at us when we was lookin for him so we called his cell n he didnt answer n like finally we kept callin and he answerd n said we shoulda quit fuckin around n we wasnt don nothin mean er nething n hes like im at home right now find someone else to give you a ride…i mean seriously everyone me matt n sarah know that drives is like working or out in westland or partyin or sumthin so we had to call our last hope……dun dun dun…..my mom…lol she was cool wit it though she didnt mind cuz my moms a pimp…haha i cant wait till spring break hehehe omg i raised my social stud. grade from an E to a C omg im soo proud i did it all in like 2 weeks too how awsome am I…i miss my mom…anyways tonie might come over on saturday or sumthin who knows and shes gonna have one of those babys for class….((she goes to truman in taylor)) but yeah anyways i know theres more i can say…..i saw jordan the other day and i got a gaint hug from him 😦 i hate seein him cuz i always hate to say good bye n leave him ya know what i mean gosh makes me soo sad….when i gotta leave…and yeah hmm well yeah oh yeah i get a joint tomarrow this kid is just givein it to me for free hahahahha i havent smoked in forever…haha i told my mom how i smoke all the time and even drove blowed out she laughed n told me to be careful so yeah ima smoke this joint tomarrow prolly when i take her car out or sumthin i dunno…but ima go ill talk to everyone later ill prolly post tomarrow…BYES