Daily Archives: Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hey all whats up agian well today was a pretty boring day…woke up at 9 sumthin and looked out side at all the snow we got the previous night….then i got on the comoputer and started reading all my old entrys from xanga…lol its funny cuz people read my xanga that i dont want them to read so i really cant put the truth about my day down and i rememberd when i had to do that a copule of times lol haha so youll never really know what i did for the day when i write in here at night lol…but thats okay cuz ill remember thats why i wanted a new xanga and i got one but its not paid for so i guess i ll start telling the truth about my days when this trial is over and i get a new xanga and not everones is gonna have the screen name…i really only have this thing for my own personal use and some really close friends and thats it but o well i guess i can live with it for a while lol but then agian..i do have a live journal that nobody knows about so i could always just write in that everyday too….and pimp it out like i pimped this one out and then on my live journal ill put what i really did for that day…sounds like a plan anyways yea i got on xanga and just admired my layouts n stuff then i ate then i came back and i talked on aim then i ate summore then i talked sum more then tonie calld my cell phone and she was at work and she was posed to call me back at 3 but never called me back so o well thats okay with me so yea anyways thats my boring day but hey if sumthin ends up happning like sumthing cool then ill be back…untill then pce out holmes

 [Plaid or striped ]: ta tell ya the truth…neither
[ Straight, gay, or bi? ]: straight
[ Sunshine or rain? ]: sunshine
[ Rain or snow? ]: neither
[ Sun or moon? ]: moon
[ Silver or gold? ]: silver
[ Silk, cotton, or flannel sheets? ]: cotton
[ Mickey or Minnie? ]: why?
[ Skaters or jocks? ]: skaters 🙂
[ Preps, punks, or thugs? ]: punks
[ CDs or cassettes? ]: cds
[ Wild or mild? ]: wild
[ (Popcorn) w/ or w/ out butter? ]: oh w/ butter!!

*Yes or no?
[ Are you smart? ]: in some subjects yes
[ Are you superstitious? ] thats a really big word ya kno
[ Do you read your horoscope? ]: yes
[ Do you believe in that stuff? ]: yeah cuz it usually is tru
[ Can you do a cartwheel? ] : nope
[ Do you wear glasses? ]: no
[ Do you wear contacts? ]: no
[ Braces? ]: nope
[ A retainer? ]: nope
[ Can you drive? ]: ummm sorta
[ Do you snore? ]: nope
[ Do you talk in your sleep? ]: no
[ Do you like onions? ]: not really
[ Do you like cotton candy? ]: yup
[ Do you like pina coladas? ]: not really
[ Do you keep a journal? ]: duh
[ Do you like to dance? ]: no cuz i cant
[ Do you like to sing? ]: hahah no cuz i hate to make my self look dumb
[ Are you any good at it? ]: HA HA!…no
[ Do you like to talk on the phone? ]: yup
[ Do you like where you live? ]: Belleville
[ Is your room messy right now? ]: nope
[ Do you like your hand writing? ]: sometimes

[ Do you like to fingerpaint? ]: nope
[ Are you organized? ]: somewhat…depends on what am i organized with…
[ Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? ]: no
[ Are you ticklish? ]: lmao YES

ShOrT aNsWeRs!!*
[ Are you left or right handed? ]: right handed
[ What’s your middle name? ]: Marie
[ Who has the sexiest voice in the world? ]: thats a toughie hmmm im not gonna answer that
[ What’s ur fav. feature (of the opposite sex)? ]: eyes & smile 🙂
[ What do you do when you’re nervous? ]: bite my nails or put on alot of chap stick
[ How old do you wish you were? ]: 18 or 21