hey all whats up?? nothing here well i hope yall can read this with the background and all how do you like the site??? i just make it a little earlier….cool huh….well yea today was pretty boreing…Justin came over and matt and ryan and me n paige n michelle was already there and we all just chilled and justin and matt n me all went up to the store for my sister and came back and chilled sum more lol justin made a water bong for like 20 mins he was workin on it .. it was funny hes soo hot lol justin is jordans brother…wow i cant wait for jordan to find out justin was over ehehe im hopein he’ll get jealous cuz his brother is hangin out with his friends but thats okay jordan doesnt have time for his old friends cuz all he ever does is go to work and hang out with his girlfriend who i dont like but she does have a very hot brother so lol yea im not tryin to get on his bad side cuz hes cool and a partier lol so yea anyways im waitin for my cousin to get here he should be here in about an hour…i just got off the phone with one of my good friends Tonie ((Justin and Jordans cousin)) shes cool i talked to her for an hour bout plans for tomarrow she was at work when we was talkin lol she was workin at the mall with her grandma so yea it was cool and we wanna chill wit justin tomarrow i guess but yea i guess im out for now untill sumthin interesting happends but ttul pce

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