–YOU & THE BASICS–                             
1. name: Lisa

2.birthdate: december 31 88′

3.age: 15

4.eye color: Green!

5.hair color: umm well its diffrent every day

6.personality: yea…

7.describe yourself: I don’t kno… im annoying to those I love?lol

8. Nervous Habits? Being quiet, bitein my nails..puttin on to much lip gloss
9. Are you double jointed? maybe
10. Can you roll your tongue? umm?
11. Can you raise one eyebrow at a time? yep
12. Can you blow spit bubbles? dunno
13. Can you cross your eyes? yea

14. Tattoos? non right now
15. Piercings and where? 9X’s 4 in each ear and my belly button.. how sexi 

16. Screename: B H S o 8



1.type your name with your eyes closed: lisa day

2.type your name with your elbow lisa

3.with your toe. liisa

4.with your non-dominant hand only…turned around.  lisa

5.open a book and turn to page 8. what is the 7th word from the bottom?tje

6. reach out with both arms. what do you touch first?cds

7.look and listen to the TV or Radio. whats on? Thug masnsion- 2 pac

8. If your NOT home alone sing this verse really loud and tell us if annyone says anything to you, “OOOH, shes sexy! work it work it owwww. la la la LAH”  NO WAY HOZAY



1. eat spam or potted meat?no

2. type with one hand only?no

3. wear the same piece of jewelry everyday? sometimes depends on my outfit.

4. twirl your spaghetti or cut it? neither..i cut them

5. usually approach your crush or keep it low? definitly approach

6. have a mole anywhere on your face? nope

7. write with your right hand or left? right

8. cut up all of your meat, then eat, or cut each at one time? One at a time.

9. carry more than 10 dollars with you on an average day? sometimes

10. have blue eyes? nope

11. have a swimming pool. nope

12. sing really well? Hell no 

13. stay at the computer more than an hour at a time on average? yep

14. wear thongs everyday? yep

15. like rock music? yep



1. rock or rap? both

2. chinese or mexican? mexican

3. coke or pepsi? coke

4. straight or curly? Straight

5. guy friends or girl friends? Guy friends

6. chick-fil-a or zaxby’s? wuhh?

7. ludacris or 50 cent? ludacris

8. guitar or drums? guitar

9. chocolate or vanilla? depends on what time it is

10. hot dog or corn dog? Hot dog

11. mustard or ketchup? ketchup

12. beach or mountains? Beach..even tho i look bad in a bikini

13. beef or chicken? depends

14. me or you? you

15. boxers or briefs? boxers

16. panties or thongs? thongs



1. clothes? big baggy echo pants and a beater and a big long tee that Brendon bought me

2. taste? hot chocolate

3.smell? hmm thats a tuffie

5. hair style? scrub bun

6. music? Down with the sickness- SOAD

7. perfume/cologne? perfume

8. nail color? Orange

9. hated song on the radio? dunno at the moment

10.crush? BrEndon

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