Heyyyy whats up?! nothin here I*m just at my granny*s house but yes anyways I been sooo bored lately…school is already on my nerves! too many people and the locker locations SUCK but its all good I guess cuz I don*t use my locker just my back pack and thats good for now…yesterday was just a really great day..too bad i can*t share it with anyone…hehehe….I*m sorry I was just betted that I wouldn*t tell anyone and so far I have only told my closest friends but this uumm how should I say it…xanga thing umm is world wide and that means anyone can have access which means if I put it in here I tell everyone and thats just NOT a very good thing lol it*s nothin important anyways lol…well to me it is….hehe..I know ur just diein to know…and if ya see me at school and see me with a big grin ur NOT gonna know why hahahah…..too bad for you well you do know if your one of my good friends so yea! anyways…this weekend I have no clue what I*m doin…haha no school friday or monday I*m soo lucky I dont like school already I have Mr.Caulk hes soo dumb hes soo obsessed with him*self its like all he ever does is talk about science (on my scedual it says he teaches social studies) but its like I have a second science class…and then the only other thing he talks about is…HIM*SELF c’mon now I dont come to school to hear about his pathetic life I came to school to have ONE science class and ONE social studies…his life has nothing to do with either one! so yea lol im sorry but ima go now PcE

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