Today was a Grrrrreat day!! ….hahaha i dont even act like a freshman its soo great cuz like u see all the little freshmans walkin around “wheres B23” and cant find their classes and i just walk to all my classes with out havein to ask anyone and its just soo cool! i really like high school even though all the home work but that should be peice of cake oh and im in B lunch….lol today i got on the wrong bus (but i knew i was gettin on the wrong bus) but anyway lol the bus i got on was my old bus from last year i just had to visit my bus driver but i got on and walked past and sat down in the front seat behind her and just like sat there for a while and i was like “HI” and she didnt even know i was there lol but then i got off and got on my regular bus and went home…tomarrow is the first full day  i like just the half days they are more fun…yea dont ask why im writeing in red…but i like this song thats playin…and everyday i think ima write in a diffrent color!!! but yea i gotta go now ill talk ta this thing tomarrow! bye!~

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