omg its like the last day of summer…:( not cool i had fun sleepin in and alla that but anyways heres muh scedual for school

1st hour   duda-osborne   ((explor bio))

2nd hour   Murphy  ((Drawing 1))

3rd hour   Wilson  ((Intro video))

4th hour    Caulk   ((soc std 9))

5th hour    Rinaldi   ((elem algebra))

6th hour    Watkins   ((9th grd eng))

¤Yea and uhhh thats muh scedual so let me know if we have ne classes together lol not like theres that much time anyways but yea ill be back tomarrow after muh first day of school and ill tell ya everything in this xanga thingy but yea  ima go now talk ta you layta byes¤

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