Monthly Archives: August 2004

WoW!!! I’m so happy its weekend already geez…its hard to get up every mornin at 5:30 in the mornin and out at the bus stop at 6:30 it SUCKED!! but other than that high school is becomeing a drag now that its like full days..the halls are CROWDED…today was freshman friday…i got thrown in a trash can …lol…j/k i didnt im too cool for that lol all my friends are either seinors or Junoirs and i dunno why i have like 2 or 3 sofmore friends and a couple freshman friends other than that they are all like i said joniors or seniors lol anyway i love my 3rd hour class…video intro…its awsome! oh yea…2 words of advise LUNCH SUCKS sooo bad… i HATE it.. i usually sit with jessica patterson…michelle…brendon and of course MATT :-…and yea it sucks i hate it! but yea ima go now cuz i have to eat bye

Today was a Grrrrreat day!! ….hahaha i dont even act like a freshman its soo great cuz like u see all the little freshmans walkin around “wheres B23” and cant find their classes and i just walk to all my classes with out havein to ask anyone and its just soo cool! i really like high school even though all the home work but that should be peice of cake oh and im in B lunch….lol today i got on the wrong bus (but i knew i was gettin on the wrong bus) but anyway lol the bus i got on was my old bus from last year i just had to visit my bus driver but i got on and walked past and sat down in the front seat behind her and just like sat there for a while and i was like “HI” and she didnt even know i was there lol but then i got off and got on my regular bus and went home…tomarrow is the first full day  i like just the half days they are more fun…yea dont ask why im writeing in red…but i like this song thats playin…and everyday i think ima write in a diffrent color!!! but yea i gotta go now ill talk ta this thing tomarrow! bye!~

HIGHSCHOOL WAS A BLAST I HAD SOOO MUCH FUN!!!!! besides the fact that some bitch was complain cuz there were to many freshman in the class well turns our she was a freshman last year so uhhh SCREW HER! anyways it was lots of fun and im on the phone with brendon so i cant really explain so brb…alrighty back anyway…let me say  this first its the best thing of high school HOT SENIORS need i say more? lol anyways yes it was tons and tons of fun i cant believe it! but yea thats allk im sayin for now if ya wanna know more then you will have to call me and if ya dont know my number then i guess youll never know unless ya see me around the halls lol  but ima go and eat now c-ya

omg its like the last day of summer…:( not cool i had fun sleepin in and alla that but anyways heres muh scedual for school

1st hour   duda-osborne   ((explor bio))

2nd hour   Murphy  ((Drawing 1))

3rd hour   Wilson  ((Intro video))

4th hour    Caulk   ((soc std 9))

5th hour    Rinaldi   ((elem algebra))

6th hour    Watkins   ((9th grd eng))

¤Yea and uhhh thats muh scedual so let me know if we have ne classes together lol not like theres that much time anyways but yea ill be back tomarrow after muh first day of school and ill tell ya everything in this xanga thingy but yea  ima go now talk ta you layta byes¤

hey hey i havent writtin nething in here in a long time but who cares i dont have nething to put in here that is neone elses bissiness…so when i have something to say that everyone can see ill put it in here other than that i dont have nething to say =) k bye…OH YEA lmao i wanna see napolian dinomite think that movie looks soo funny and harold and kumar go to white bye