Hey hey hey i didnt write in this thing for like to days..just cuz i didnt feel like it..ya know…yea well i told you i would update you on what ive been doin…well okay the day we went to the mall it was fun and HUGE we got pictures…

sumersetmall03Bsumersetmall02Me n jerry didnt feel good so we left..this mall was out in blumefeild hills (yea were the rich people live)  all you saw was rich people in BMW’s or mercadies…(im sorry i spelld it wrong) keya anyway we went there and ate and then went to some computer store RIMG0016and that was fun i tried to get on aim but it wouldnt let me cuz it was being GAY kyea neway umm i didnt feel to good my head was hurtin and my back and i just feel really sick and then like jerry didnt feel good either and so we went home and that was it…i selpt in the car the whole way home (hour) and yea but it was fun while it lasted…my best friends birthday was last tuesday…and i missed it…i didnt her anything i promised we would hang out this weekend but it didnt happen…i feel super bad cuz i wasnt able to get her nething let alone hang out with her…but yea i think we might be goin to cedar point again in augest sometime its goin to be fun…oh yea im not gonna do drivers ed   im to lazy and dont have ne money…but thats okay lol its mostly my fualt im to lazy to do it so ill prolly do it the middle of the year or sometime soon when i have money and everything so yea ummm ima wrap this up and i might be back tomarrow or might not …Buh byes for now.


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