Daily Archives: Saturday, July 17, 2004

Well i havent typed in here in a LONG time…i have a trial now…for 6 months…lucky me!! 🙂 any way yea ill start at july 9th were i left over…I went to cedar point with my friend Jessica…it was fun i got burnt really bad..but its okay i was rockin my outfit..anyway i had to wake up 6:15am get in the shower..adn do all that good stuff..you know how it is anyway we got to the township ((my mom took me there to catch the bus YAY)) and wellp at first i didnt see no bus and no jessica so im like what happend ya know and then we drove around and found them so we talked to jessica and her mommy ((me n my mom)) then we got on the bus after that and then it was like a really long drive..i was tired but i stayed awake…we watch movies on the way there too..but i didnt watch them really…anyway we got to cedar point and we got on…the demond drop…the wickd twister X2 or 3…Milenium force.. (ill post the pic later)


umm and there was a bunch of other rides but i dont member oh yea the power tower (you know how you hear all the time you drop a penny from the power tower it could hurt someone (only if your at the top) well the little muders lisa and jessica desided to try it…but it didnt do nothin but land in the dirt) but yea anyway so yea umm we went to Jonny rockets (a place to eat) and our server was really cute…his name was james i dont know how old but lol he was flirtin with me n jessica..he was talkin to us then when our fries came he pourd our ketchup for us and made it a smiley face ((i didnt know what he was doin till jessica told me i was wondering why he was puttin diffrent blobs in diffrent places)) anyway as we was leavein the nut jessica is told him was like “we’re gonna be back around 6 will you be here” and he said “no i get off at 4 but come back b4 then” and put his finger to his mouth and smiled soo lol yea i walk out when she was talkin to him haha…((im really super shy like that lol)) okay anyway enough of cedar point..it was fun thats all u need to worry about lol so yea yesterday me michelle paige jerry n ray went to the movies and saw a cinderella story…just like you suspect…its a chick flick and unreal..i liked it thouhg lol u need a good fairy tail every now and then lol….im hungry and i gotta pee so ima wrap this up…ill write more later cuz me jerry and ray r gonna go out to where the rich people live 🙂 and go to a really nice mall and restrunt..ill tell you bout it later but ne way i dont care how rich it is IMA LOOK GHETTO!! hehe okay well yea ima go now ill write later buh byes….