Daily Archives: Monday, July 5, 2004

My goodness..I really dont like this…i wish i could get the ummm free trial back…i might just pay for it i like it sooo much…well okay i havent typed here in a long time so let me fill you in on whats been happnin…okay a couple days ago i went to frankies then we desided to go to matts house so the only ride there was our friend mike and well he dont exactly like matt…and he didnt exactly think he was dropping us off at matts either so what happend was frankie called him up and was like yea hey mike can ya get us a ride to lisas grandmas…and so he came and picked us up and then we was all sayin were not posed to be at her grandmas so drop us off at tyler school…so from there we walked to matts house…we didnt know how to get there but turns out it wasnt that far and we found our way around so yea that was fun..and poor mike gave us like 4 ciggs….okay enough of that lol that was fun tho and oh yea on friday july 9th im goin to cedar point with Jessica Patterson..ya see..she goes to teen camp and they are goin to cedar point and each person gets to take someone (weather they go to teen camp or not) and she chose me YAY! hehe we is gonna have so much fun so of course i had to get a new outfit and well i thought okay ima ware my etnies ((the E is baby blue and the rest of the shoe is white i guess)) so on july 3rd ((my sisters bday)) we went shopping ((Jessica Michelle and me)) and there was a sale ((for tank tops)) 2 for 25$ or 1 for 20$ so of course i went for the 2 and okay i got a shirt that had etnies on the front ((and the symbol)) and it was brown and the etnies part was the blue part of my shoe ((SCORE)) and then i got a cute black tank top with a pink Fox on the front..how cute…well yea ima go for now if somethin else happens you better belive ill be back..lol…-Lisa