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Hey hey hey…i desided to write in this today lol like i should everyday neway…i did absalutly nothing today…pretty boring…i cant really wait to go home so i can hang out there…im gettin bored of bein online but yea (wow never thought that would come outta muh mouth) MUH BUDDIE MATTHEW IS GONE TO FLORIDA FOR 8 WHOLE DAYS o well i can live with out him lol its easy..ive done it b4 i can do it agian lol anyway yea i guess ima go now ill talk to everyone later buh isnt that a cool picleetkeyboard


full name:
Lisa Marie Day

date of birth:
December 31 88′

hair color:
light brown/dirty blonde
eye color:


location you were born:
my mom said she got me off ebay





9th posed to be in 10th

school name:
didnt we just talk about this?

how are your grades: good i guess….better than b4

what classes are you in:
does it matter


blue and soft baby pink


school subject:
lunch time

racing sponser:
what the….

indoor hobby:
computer duh!
outdoor hobby:
baseball, and chillin
lucerin blue

radio station:
89x, the rif, 95.5, 93.1 (mostly 89X)

American Eagle

shoe brand:
Etnies and DC’s

Monday in vegas by Lucerin Blue

band artist:
Lucerin blue

pretty much everything

Last Thing You..

“i thought that was a puppy”


typed coke

listened to:


When Was The Last Time You…..

i dont know…i dont cus that much 

got into a fight:
do you mean when me n my cousin fought over the remote?

were in the hospital:
beginnin of July…My grandpa had a stroke
got an F in school:
i dont know im not in school…ask my sister shes in school 🙂 hehe

did drugs:
LONG time ago…but never agian

drank Alchohal:
never drank alchohal besides taste testers

smoked a cigerette:
dont smoke

answered the phone:
yesterday..paul called

read your email:
i dont read email…i just pretend i do
answered an IM:
couple mins ago

bought new shoes:
iunnno i got DC’s and etnies and yea so who knows
went clothes shopping:
umm last weekend i think

ate dinner:
pasketti…and it was last night


dark or light:

black or white:
both…actually it depends
inside or outside:

sunny or rain:

cd or radio:

computer or TV:

punk or rap:
emo or metal:

mudvayne or slipknot:
i dont even know who mudvayne is so yea i like slipknot

hot topic or ecko:
ecko…(although hot topic has cool shirts)

kurt cobain or davey havok:
who are they?
sum 41 or finch:
whos finch? the guy from American Pie movies?

coke or pepsi:

green or red:
green RED REMINDS ME OF BLOOD (i hated red ever sence kinny garden)

rap or rock:
both duh not much of the rap tho

sprite or gingerale:
sprite…(whats gingerale?)

system of a down or usher:
ummm i dunno
lights on or off:
depends…if im sleeping off…if im doin doin other things on duh!

music loud or low:
LOUD duh…((i wanna get sub woofers…but im scared to ask my dad cuz he will get mad if i blast the music i think))

truck or car:

dodge or chevy:

ford or chevy:

pool or spa:
Are YouDo You…

single or taken:
single all the way

afraid of heights:
nope…heights are the best thing ever!

not really

bitchy: nice to everyone unless they get on my nerves…((if you get on my nerves you might wanna stop))

innie or outie:

smart:…i think you can tell by my answers on this thingy

believe in god:
i dont know…((matt knows why..and its all cause of him))

believe in satan:

have piercings:

have tattoos:
think there is a heaven or hell:
umm i dunno…

Household Shyt

address number:
im not tellin you! duh!

# of computers total:
2 at my house
# of phones total:
5 all together at my house

# of bedrooms:

# of bathrooms:
2 (girl bath room is up stairs guy bathroom is down stairs)

# of rooms altogether:
# of people who live there:

yea…2 of em’

last 4 digits of your phone number:

# of floors:

quiet neighboorhood or noisy?:
MY NEIGHBORS ARE SO LOUD NOBODY GETS TO SLEEP IN TILL 11AM (one of these days ima call the cops on tha annoyin people)
what do you do with the shopping cart after you pack the car?:
leave it there duh!

how many piercings do you want and where: Im gettin muh belly button done sometime soon…i want my lip peirced and my tounge..
where do you want a tattoo and what do you want it to say:
I want a little tatto on my shoulder its gonna be a little yellow star with my name in cursive goin threw it…
Top 5 Favorite Bands/artists


Lucerin Blue




Nickle Back

Top 5 Favorite Accesorys…:

eye lash curler

Blow Dryer
Make up



Top 5 Favorite Songs..:

Slipknot- duality


Lucerin Blue- Monday in Vegas

Muse- time is running out

APC- (i forget the song)


i dont know…ill come back to this one

Top 5 Best Friends:

Matt- Even tho we have our “very bad times” and i wish you would dissapear i still love ya and ur still muh favorite just need to be easy on me sometiems

Frankie- your muh girl for life…we dont talk as much as we used to but you still muh girl

Brendon- yea…not alot of people aporve of us talkin but ya know…WHO CARES…we get along sooo good that i would never just stop talkin to you cuz people dont like us talkin..

santa- you muh boi

easer bunni- YOU ALWAYS BRING ME CANDY!! 🙂

Hey hey hey i didnt write in this thing for like to days..just cuz i didnt feel like it..ya know…yea well i told you i would update you on what ive been doin…well okay the day we went to the mall it was fun and HUGE we got pictures…

sumersetmall03Bsumersetmall02Me n jerry didnt feel good so we left..this mall was out in blumefeild hills (yea were the rich people live)  all you saw was rich people in BMW’s or mercadies…(im sorry i spelld it wrong) keya anyway we went there and ate and then went to some computer store RIMG0016and that was fun i tried to get on aim but it wouldnt let me cuz it was being GAY kyea neway umm i didnt feel to good my head was hurtin and my back and i just feel really sick and then like jerry didnt feel good either and so we went home and that was it…i selpt in the car the whole way home (hour) and yea but it was fun while it lasted…my best friends birthday was last tuesday…and i missed it…i didnt her anything i promised we would hang out this weekend but it didnt happen…i feel super bad cuz i wasnt able to get her nething let alone hang out with her…but yea i think we might be goin to cedar point again in augest sometime its goin to be fun…oh yea im not gonna do drivers ed   im to lazy and dont have ne money…but thats okay lol its mostly my fualt im to lazy to do it so ill prolly do it the middle of the year or sometime soon when i have money and everything so yea ummm ima wrap this up and i might be back tomarrow or might not …Buh byes for now.


Well i havent typed in here in a LONG time…i have a trial now…for 6 months…lucky me!! 🙂 any way yea ill start at july 9th were i left over…I went to cedar point with my friend Jessica…it was fun i got burnt really bad..but its okay i was rockin my outfit..anyway i had to wake up 6:15am get in the shower..adn do all that good know how it is anyway we got to the township ((my mom took me there to catch the bus YAY)) and wellp at first i didnt see no bus and no jessica so im like what happend ya know and then we drove around and found them so we talked to jessica and her mommy ((me n my mom)) then we got on the bus after that and then it was like a really long drive..i was tired but i stayed awake…we watch movies on the way there too..but i didnt watch them really…anyway we got to cedar point and we got on…the demond drop…the wickd twister X2 or 3…Milenium force.. (ill post the pic later)


umm and there was a bunch of other rides but i dont member oh yea the power tower (you know how you hear all the time you drop a penny from the power tower it could hurt someone (only if your at the top) well the little muders lisa and jessica desided to try it…but it didnt do nothin but land in the dirt) but yea anyway so yea umm we went to Jonny rockets (a place to eat) and our server was really cute…his name was james i dont know how old but lol he was flirtin with me n jessica..he was talkin to us then when our fries came he pourd our ketchup for us and made it a smiley face ((i didnt know what he was doin till jessica told me i was wondering why he was puttin diffrent blobs in diffrent places)) anyway as we was leavein the nut jessica is told him was like “we’re gonna be back around 6 will you be here” and he said “no i get off at 4 but come back b4 then” and put his finger to his mouth and smiled soo lol yea i walk out when she was talkin to him haha…((im really super shy like that lol)) okay anyway enough of cedar was fun thats all u need to worry about lol so yea yesterday me michelle paige jerry n ray went to the movies and saw a cinderella story…just like you suspect…its a chick flick and unreal..i liked it thouhg lol u need a good fairy tail every now and then lol….im hungry and i gotta pee so ima wrap this up…ill write more later cuz me jerry and ray r gonna go out to where the rich people live 🙂 and go to a really nice mall and restrunt..ill tell you bout it later but ne way i dont care how rich it is IMA LOOK GHETTO!! hehe okay well yea ima go now ill write later buh byes….


Heyyy whuts up well yea….im goin home today 😥 which means i wont be able to talk to “someone” but its okay im goin to cedar point tomarrow 🙂 i cant wait…my mom thinks the ticket is 33:50$ but they changed it to 40$ so like umm yea im not gonna tell her..cuz shes gotta give me extra money for food…unless she wants me to starve lol so yea umm im just not gonna eat ima starve my self instead of her starving me hehe and ima use the food money for my ticket and if she dont give me 40 looks like my hands are goin to have to wander in my mommas purse 🙂 lol well yea im outtie buh byes

Okay well yea…i dunno today was okay..i did NOTHING notta damn thing…except think…about alot of things i mean people but no names to mention…it kidna makes me depresssed!!! yesterday i got depressed for like 10 mins..i was cryin off da hook..then like evrything was better later on.. i wish my friend would get i have someone to talk to…i cant wait till cedar point its gonna be off the fuckin hook yea well ima bounce buh byes

My goodness..I really dont like this…i wish i could get the ummm free trial back…i might just pay for it i like it sooo much…well okay i havent typed here in a long time so let me fill you in on whats been happnin…okay a couple days ago i went to frankies then we desided to go to matts house so the only ride there was our friend mike and well he dont exactly like matt…and he didnt exactly think he was dropping us off at matts either so what happend was frankie called him up and was like yea hey mike can ya get us a ride to lisas grandmas…and so he came and picked us up and then we was all sayin were not posed to be at her grandmas so drop us off at tyler school…so from there we walked to matts house…we didnt know how to get there but turns out it wasnt that far and we found our way around so yea that was fun..and poor mike gave us like 4 ciggs….okay enough of that lol that was fun tho and oh yea on friday july 9th im goin to cedar point with Jessica Patterson..ya see..she goes to teen camp and they are goin to cedar point and each person gets to take someone (weather they go to teen camp or not) and she chose me YAY! hehe we is gonna have so much fun so of course i had to get a new outfit and well i thought okay ima ware my etnies ((the E is baby blue and the rest of the shoe is white i guess)) so on july 3rd ((my sisters bday)) we went shopping ((Jessica Michelle and me)) and there was a sale ((for tank tops)) 2 for 25$ or 1 for 20$ so of course i went for the 2 and okay i got a shirt that had etnies on the front ((and the symbol)) and it was brown and the etnies part was the blue part of my shoe ((SCORE)) and then i got a cute black tank top with a pink Fox on the cute…well yea ima go for now if somethin else happens you better belive ill be…-Lisa