Hey…well yea yesterday i didnt type so im just gonna type for yesterday now…alot happend sorta…everyone kinda was just pissin me off and just like kept it goin and it got worser and worser and im sorry to who ever i just kinda said the wrong thing to…omg yea i saw the new real world last night and that was wrong of Cami to break Charlies guitar if i was charlie id be pissed off at her…even tho he did lose 250 for not goin to work cause his girlfriend was in town..but still…yea lol umm enough of that i dunno what else to type alot of other stuff happend yesterday i just cant type it right now cuz ummm i dont want like alot of people to know lol but lets put it this way i put my self in a position i might not be able to get out of…we call that “deep shit” lol but yea ima go for now ill type more later…oh yea i have one day left of my free trial so after that i might make a new site and ima need help..so paige i hope your readin this cuz you better be on tomarrow…ya hear? lol okay talk to everyone layta byess…..*((Lisa))*

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