Heyyy im back agian…but yea im sorta pissed…lol..my so called “family” keeps openin my fuckin mail…my sister has a death wish cuz im really gonna kill her cuz everything is “no big deal” to her so maybe if she dies its “no big deal” lmao..okay enough of that…i never did talk about the strawberry fest….i went with Jessica Patterson….it was funn we bummed ciggs of alot of people lol people we didnt even know….we went on umm friday and saturday and on friday i had the cutest outfit on lol but im not gonna talk about that cuz thats no the importance of it…on friday i was with michelle paige and jessica and we got on this ride thingy and jessica puked lmfao it was soo funny….then later on after jessica went home these 3 guys came up to us and was like how old are you guys and of course we lied haha….who wouldnt….and then they was like yall smoke weed and we was like “hells yea” but any way they had 2 joints..michelle didnt smoke with them tho just me n paige and i was soooo high….cuz after i got home and i was in bed and everything i kept gettin up lookin for my dad to take me home…i thought i was still at the strawberry fest lmao…man i wish jessica was there…anyway this is my last day of free trial…on saturday i gotta go shopping for an outfit cuz the next day is my cousin grad party…kinda late huh but yea…ima take jessica with me if its okay with my momma and ummm yea…((shes my step cousin)) and so ima meet her moms side of the family…((her dad married my aunt)) but yea this is all im gonna type for now but if nething happends you betcha ill be back here later lol….Byes…

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