o. Eminem: Hot
o. Hot: Eminem
o. Britney Spears: Yummy
o. NSync: sucks!
o. Real world: I love that show
: my purse
o. Black: “Nuggets” lmfao Brendon
o. Insane clown: Run for your life
o. Linkin Park: They okay
o. Jack: Jill
o. Rainbow: JACKPOT
o. Cherry: blood…eww
o. Cucumber: salad
o. Shark: FINDING NEMO…((fish are friends not food))
o. Bat: Trees
o. Leather: My dads belt lmfao

o.Whip: damn that gotta hurt

o. American: american wedding
o. Salt Water: :fishies
o. Volcano: run fo yo life cuz we all gonna die

o. Rock or rap: i perfer both
o. Pop or rap: rap
o. Rap or R&B: R&B
o. Rock or metal: Rock
o. Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit :linkin park
o. Korn or tool :Korn
o. Winter or summer: summer
o. Spring or fall: fall
o. ICP or Eminem: Eminem
o. Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie: rob zombie
o. Kittie or Garbage: Kittie
o. MTV or VH1:  MTV
o. Buffy or Angel: Angle
o. Dawsons Creek Or Gilmore Girls: neither…they both gay

o. Football or basketball: FOOTBALL!
o. Summer olympics or winter Olympics: summer
o. Skiing or snowboarding:  snowboarding                                                                                                        
o.Rollerblading or skateboarding: skateboarding

o. Boyfriend/girlfriend:nope

o. Crush: *dont worry about it*
o. Do you love anyone right now: yes 😥
o. Have you ever been in love: yes
o. Ever had sex: no
o. How many hearts have you broken: i dunno
o. How many people broke your heart: plenty
o. Do you go more by looks or personality: both
o. Do you smoke: ya
o. How about weed: YES!!!

o. How about a little ecstasy: nope
o. Crack, heroin, anything else: nope

o. Are you a sissy who drinks Mike’s Hard Lemonade and wine coolers: nope
o. Prefer beer or liquor: liquor

o. Bungee jump: ya
o. Skydive: ya
o. Swim with dolphins:ya

o. Scuba dive: ya
o. Go rock climbing:ya
o. Change your religion: i dont have a religion i dont think
o. Turn your back on your friends for personal gain? nope
o. Steal a friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend: no……
o. Lie to the police: been there done that
o. Run from the police: nope
o. Speed away from the police: sure…if i could drive
o. Walk up to a total stranger and kiss them: ewww no RABIES
o. Be an exotic dancer:  Nope
o. Walk out of a restaurant without paying: YEA
o. Streak: maybe

o. You ate: big boys
o. you drank: pepsi
                     o. The last place you went: Grannys                                       

o.Last thing you bought: PINK LIGHT UP FLIP FLOPS 🙂

o. Last person you saw: my cousin jack
                    o. Last person you talked to on the phone: Michelle                                      

o.Last song you heard: Blurry by puddle of mudd

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