Daily Archives: Friday, June 18, 2004


1. Who is the smartest woman alive at the moment?: ummm…. i have no idea
2. What do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day?: sunny
3. Do you consider yourself lucky?: sometimes
4. Do you feel pity for people who commit suicide?:yes sometimes
5. Choose one word to describe how you feel most often: its diffrent every day

6. Why do you think God made you the way you are?: Because he is dumb                                                                                                   
7. If you could describe yourself, how would you describe you?:silly, depressed…i dunno  


1. Complete & Full Name:    Lisa Marie Day           
2. Do you like it?:   nope not at all

3. Nick-names: i dont have ne i dont think
4. Screen names:which one?

5. Age:15

6. I was born:12/31/88
7. Sign: Capricorn
8. Ethnic Background: umm….wtf?

. Stuck in: this life…?
10. Job: nothing still lookin

11. Status: umm…
12. Crush: dont worry about it 🙂
13. Natural hair color: Brown
14. Current hair color: Blonde                           
15. Eye color: green                                          
16. Height:5’6 i guess…
17. Weight:  127lbs         
18. Birthplace:  ypsi                                                    
19. Shoe size:  depends on what shoes i ware


1. Number: 7                     
2. Color: blue
3. Day:  i dunno                                                                           
4. Month: Feb
5. Movie: Casper 🙂
6. Food: Cookie Dough Icecream
7. Sport: baseball                                                                            
8. Class: Media Productions
9. Teacher: Mr. Marrinucci

10. Drink:ummm coke?

11. Veggie: none
12. TV station:  MTV                                         
13. Radio station: 89X, 93.1, 95.5, 97.9, 101.1 rif, 105.9
14. Store: American Eagle..or Aeropostale
15. Expression: “dont worry about it”
16. Animal: kitten
17. Flower: roses


1. Me or you: u
2. Coke or Pepsi: coke
3. Day or night: night
4. AOL or AIM:  aim                                                                            
5. CD or cassette?:  cd                                                       
6. DVD or VHS: dvd
7. Jeans or khakis: jeans
8. Car or truck: car
9. Tall or short: short                                                                             
10. Lunch or dinner: dinner
11. N*sync or BSB?:  neither!                                  
12. Gap or Old Navy:   Gap                                                                                               
13. Lipstick or lipgloss:  lipgloss                                                               
14. Silver or gold: silver
15. Alcohol or weed: weed (duh)


1. Do you have a bf/gf?:    no                                                                 
2. Do you have a crush?: ya
3. How long have you liked him/her: a year
4. Why do you like this person?:cuz hes sweet..sexi…everything i want 🙂
5. If you’re single, why are you single?:cuz its fun


1. What is the one thing you would change about your past?: failin the 8th grade gosh im so dumb
 2.   whats the biggest mistake you’ve made in your life?: i dunno       
3. Last thing you heard:”Bye”
4.    last thing you said: “idunno”
 5.   what is the last TV show you saw?: ummm, i dunno
6.  last song you heard?:   Drive  
7. Last time you took a trip: last summer    
8. Last time you said something bad: i have no clue..im not a bad kid…so i dont say bad things


1. What day is it tomorrow?: Saturday
2. what are you going to do after this?: nothin
3. who are you going to talk to?: matt
4. where are you going to go?:no where
5. how old will you be when you graduate?:18 or 19
6.What do you wanna be?: cosmatologist
7.what is one of your dreams?: i cant tell ya
8. where will you be in 25 years?: id be 40 LMFAO gosh eww skip this question i dont wanna know


1. Do you write in cursive or print?: both its weird
2. are you a lefty or a righty?: righty
3.what piercing do you have?: Ears and gettin my belly button done in like a week or so                                  
4. Do you drive?: sorta
5.Do you have glasses or braces?:braces in october
6. if you had three wishes, what would they be?: i cant tell ya..thatd be cheatin 🙂

7.enjoy taking this survey?: nothin else to do so its keepin me busy so yea i guess





B a s i c s . .
// name: Lisa
// birthday: 12/31/88
//nationality: honky
//screen name: which one
//hair length: layers…so its shoulder length i guess
//hair color: at the moment or natural?
//eye color : GREEN
//piercings: ears..soon to be belly button in like a week
// tattoos: none

F a v o r i t e s . .
// color[s]: blue..pink…orange
// perfume: hmm i dunno
// t.v. show: to many to name
// movie: CASPER duh ((i cried durin that movie :'())
// band/singer: wow umm lucier in blue

// subject: media productions
// fruit: i dont like fruit
// month: Feb
// season: Fall
// holiday: My bday/ new years eve ((same day))

D o Y o u . .
// do you believe in love at first sight?yes
// do you get along with your parents? sometimes..
// do you think about suicide? yea
// do you drink?no
// do you do drugs?yea when ever i get some

// do you smoke?ya
// do you think you have multiple personalities? ya

H a v e y o u . .
// have you ever smoked? ya
// have you ever done drugs?ya
// have you ever gotten drunk? nope
// have you ever used someone? i dunno
// have you ever been used by someone? i dunno
// have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have: hhell yea

T h e B e s t . .
// best person to talk to: Frankie and Matt

// best relationship: umm huh?
// best feeling: love
// best thing in the world: weed 
// best stuffed animal you own: big teddy…
// best thing that happened to you today: my day isnt goin to so well…i jus broke up with jack =

T h e L a s t . .
// last time you cried?  yesterday
// last movie you saw in a theater? Shrek2
// last movie you rented? no clue

// last movie you bought? i dunno
// last song you listened to? drive
// last song you downloaded? monday in vegas
// last tv show you watched? i dunno

// last song that was stuck in your head? drive

// last person you were thinking of? hmm i dont know

// last person you talked to: matt

// last person you hugged: haha ummm my aunt sharron haha
// last person you kissed: dont worry about it
// last person you went to eat out with: my grandparents ((this mornin))
// last person you slow danced with: haha i dont fuckin know
// last person you yelled at: my dad
// last person you called: matt
// last person who called you: Jessica
// last person who made you smile? i never smile 
// last person who made you laugh? i dont know how to laugh 
// last person who said they loved you? jack..but we all know its bullshit

L o v e a n d r e l a t i o n s h i p s . .
// who is your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? dont worry about it
// what do you first notice in the opposite sex? thier hair and sexiness
// are you currently in love? yea..it sucks tho 😥
// first real crush: i dont know
// last crush: matt
// ideal date: i dont know..dont care..

Yo peoples this is me…for once…ive never writtin in this thing just paige…aka…stinky lmao and umm my “beloved” sister HA right but yea anyway ummm its like 9:30 in the mornin and i was checkin my email and this thing was like emailed to me like 3400 times so i was like what the hell..and like so i went to the site…na im jp but im havein a good day so far haha maybe somethin will happen later who knows..but if somethin does ill be back..WOW this thing is coolie-o…just like my new foset…paige and michelle yall know what im talkin about haha…well yea i have to like piss like a race horse so ill be back later…oh yea how do i put up new music and pics?