hard to get my server up and they were working on the Internet down the road

I reloaded my server with his 6 GB hard drive as it was doing that I walked down the road and seen them working on the cable.

They said they were rerouting it because the building they’re doing down there I got some pictures down there.

Came back home and the server was done installing on the 6th TB hard drive with no Internet.

I Putin a job and made it route login and then turned it off and reboot it by main server it came up pretty fast because it didn’t lock up in the bias now because I reset it to factory defaults.

But the Internet still down.

I ate some corn chips and then some chocolate ice cream brush my teeth and went to work.

Got a video in the cooler and there’s two skids in here said to leave on the pilot and he sold first.

There’s a lot of damages outside I think some stuff we don’t sell so they can’t scan it.

Heard it was only Diane and one other third shift person.

I worked on milks on the floor.

Dented voice to text on this word press online.

It’s 1:26 PM now.

Check the Internet is up at home but it still isn’t up yet taking them a long time.

How to take out the juice cart now the work at its 1:32 PM now.

Workday cardboard type Juice card only fit maybe seven boxes and threw away the box is in a cardboard compactor.

There was a Procter & Gamble guy he was taking a picture he said how he put up some price strips and rearrange some things and showed me.

Call the Bama milk so I guess they are are in the damages on a flat top outside the cooler.

That’s why they there we don’t some no more.

So I went out front to get a bluebird but none were there.

As I went out front I seen they had some trailer stuff on clearance and I text Donald this picture of them.

Can you text back like he don’t need anything for it.

I went and got a bluebird from the manager and then it said this page has expired when I logged in so I rebooted it and it takes a long time to reboot.

Check the Internet is back up but my server doesn’t show up as a static IP and I guess it doesn’t show.

It’s 2:28 PM now I’m about to count the damages to finally rebooted to the screen.

Counted the damages it filled up the shopping cart and I put it by the hole in the wall and gave the blue bird back to Jimmy.

Poured water in the channel.

When on my first break and bought a P3. A turkey Colby Jack and almonds.

Eat it and got a drink of water got a picture of the electronic place they took out the whole center part and some miles to.

Plaque back in and wrapped a skid I filled it up with water crates.

Put on the truck and it filled the truck the last spot on it.

Then got the bucket with a scraper and rag Village up with hot water as it did I did voice to text on here it’s 3:44 PM now.

Clean the channel about 1/ third of the way through the Band-Aid fell off my right thumb so I tried to use my left hand.

Didn’t do it so good of a job at the end but OK.

Wash my hands and look for a Band-Aid seen Josh and he help me look for one it was under the service desk on top of the file cabinet plastic file type cabinet.

Almost 5 o’clock by then.

Worked another L cart of juice The plastic wrap type this time pretty much of it fit it almost filled up the bottom of the flat top and I dump the trash from it.

I was talking to the manager and found out why it’s a little bit darker the lights on the side they have off now the fluorescent lights that are on the side of the walls up on the ceiling.

Bobbie called me when I was working that used car and I gave her three dollars that I had besides a 20 in cash and a bag of food I guess to sloppy Joe’s and some fries.

She doesn’t work here no more she can live on her pension right now.

Worked a little bit a gallon milk and push the milks forward then went on my lunch break.

Did not have to heat it for long. 82 burgers little sloppy Joe’s and fries and now I’m walking to get a drink of water at 6:04 PM in on break for a little over 11 minutes now.

A lot of others my age at 61 now take blood pressure pills to thin out there blood.

I guess just have to eat things with fiber and then run or work out some so your blood goes though your vines fast to get let’s drop out with the fiber hoping carve it out.

I did not get too much fiber almost a year ago in fiber strengthens your colon I had blood in my stool now I’m eating Fiber One cereal that started when I stopped eating cereal. Was not getting fiber that comes from fruits and vegetables.

Did take a shower and could not fin the car keys. I looked around I did not put them With my wallet.

So can you let me take his car and he gave me a gas card to fill it up he said go to the mobile station so I went to the mobile one oil Donald used to work but it’s not a mobile gas station anymore.

I tried to use the card and it said you need to go in they showed the person he said oh it’s the mobile down there.

So I went to the one by McDonald’s filled his car up and took about $35 he thought 50.

Then went to Paul’s house and he got ready and we talk some and then went out and ate at a restaurant bar paid even though it’s my turn to pay because I fixes water pipes.

Got this photo of the food before I started to eat it.

As we left town called my cell phone he said call him when I get back home.

We got back to Paul’s and I just got in the car Kenny’s car came all the way to the Best Buy for the way from Paul’s.

I thought I’d just walk in the mall and they had a 3-D ab code of the glass doors and I scanned it it said they don’t open till 11.

Before when I was over here I was in the mall waiting for Best Buy open in the mall they open at 10 o’clock.

So I went to Meijer across the street flipped around some.

Seen one of the metal bar kind of shelves that I got already for the SG 30 and it works really good it was only $12.99 And I scanned a tag and it was $14.99 So I took a photo of it along with the price tag.

So it ended up costing $12.39.With my 10% discount.

And then went to Best Buy and waiting in the car for them to open at 10 AM 10:55 AM now.

Went in Best Buy and got the on hub rotor they only had one on the shelf I got a video around there.

I got about $20 off it with my Best Buy card had them points left on it.

Came back looked on the home video when I was in the car last, I cut the log some that day with a ex.

Looked out there did not see nothing then Kenny and I went to the hardware up town and Kenny rented a 10 foot truck the biggest one they have at the time.

Then we came back and Kenny went to Toccobell wile I set up the new on hub WiFi I am not sure got on the internet because had to go to Kenny’s old place and we got there and looks like Down is here her car is and we are just waiting now.

Her son should come waiting for him.

1:14 pm now.

It looks like my rayday.me works now. But have to copy the data at home on the LAN.

Her sone came about 1:20 has a small pickup truck black said his mom is mad.

He just pulled out so his mom or Down can leave.

1:25 pm now.

We went in and started to put a lot in the truck from the basement and Kenny for got the key or just a number to the storage place.

So we took Kiles pickup back got some more boxes and went back filled Kenny’s car with speaker Recording stuff.

Went to work in Kenny’s car and went back to dairy and Scott was in there working he did a really good job I got a long video in the cooler when I was talking to him.

I pushed out the milk crates and it filled up a skid I was getting a check ready and then they had a milk spell.

Scott went out there with a caution sign and a mop but no bucket so I looked for a bucket and there was one by the hole in the wall.

It had a mop with no handle in it they emptied it and put new water in it and took it to Scott.

Then I looked for a mop handle and put that mop on the handle that I found in the maintenance room.

Raptors skid and put it on the truck.

Scott left and I can dance some carts in the cooler and got them out and folding them up outside.

Work some milk and straighten up the cooler some pushcarts where they go.

Bill came in and the shopping cart that was left here yesterday was ready to go and I took it up to the service desk and Bill got one from the frozen and he was in an aisle so I took it to the aisle.

Then went on my first break and bought a new type of burrito $1.99 for it heated and ate it it was pretty good then got a drink of water and did voice to text on my cell phone 3:17 PM now.

I clock back in at 3:15 PM.

Work more milks and wrapped another skin put on the truck.

Van Wert eggs and got to encourage out put them by the receiving door.

Put a bandage on my right finger got a ?

Then work juice and milks came a lot of skids I got them in the cooler.

Then worked more juice.

Got rid of the trash from it and ask to go on lunch break and Bill and Marie said I have to put my vacation on the paper I’ll she’s not gonna honor it putting it on the computer.

Buying a big burrito and I’m waiting in line now I’m on lunch break now 6:06 PM now.

Ate and Looked around a little bit clock back in and getting on the computer to see how many vacation days I have.

I clocked back in and got on the computer and got Bill any help me find my paper where I can see how much vacation I get.

Then I put it on paper.

Works more eggs and got a card out and put it by the receiving door.

Worked more milks to.

Worked Meijer Juice.

When on my last break and got some turkey slices I put them in the cooler and when I clock out I will buy them.

It’s 8:03 PM now I got about seven minutes left on my last break.

Got ready to go to work in Kenny’s car I had to get Kenny because I was pushing on the break but found out had to press on the clutch went To work in Kenny’s car.

Talk to Lily in the back she said how Mike worked the milks in the cooler that third shift in the live load.

Got a video and a cooler and it looks pretty bad worked milks.

But not all of them I had to work the eggs they need the ones in the boxes.

I did get two egg carts out and as I took them outside Bill is doing a snowball fight with disorders. Billing out there to put a lock on the truck and he came back he got really close to one of disorders to throw a snowball Him.

Work more of the eggs that were in the boxes and got two more egg cards out put them by the receiving door and took the egg boxes and threw them in the cardboard compactor and went on my first break.

Bought an eight a bean burrito clocked in I’m going to get a drink of water now it’s 3:31 PM now.

Got another video in the cooler to show what I worked the eggs and the milks then took the skids out.

Started to work juice L cart then.

After working some juice L carts went on lunch break and bought a small TV dinner it is heating up now went on lunch right at 6 pm.

6:05 pm now.

Ate and going to drink water now.

Went to work got a video in the cooler no one worked in the cooler before me.

I wrapped a skid put it on the truck and worked more milks.

Then worked juice L carts and then went to my 1st break and bought a big chocolate bar and breakfast entrees ate and drank water and clocked back in.

Worked more juice L carts and went on my lunch break bought a little TV dinner and ate and drank water and looked around and clocked back in.

Got up about 5:45 AM and wallked around with my cellphone to see were it would get a better signel it was by were we put the cereal.

Got the thinkPad and put it were my main PC is and typed all the rest of yesterday on the WordPress on line.

Had to run the hot spot off and back on the cellphone if you don’t do date for i guess in a minute it turns it off.

6:32 AM now. I guess power will come back on some time this morning.

Today Monday

I did do some of this on my word press online today I I can’t connect no more at home from the cell phone just keep on trying and it won’t connect

I was trying to hook up my servers right through the ethernet but there’s no DHCP server so it’s really hard to do that give up.

Dad couldn’t get up from his chair and I guess the 29 V batteries were too low and we only have one 9 V battery and it takes two.

I went outside with the 4K camera and got a video around our yard and I went down the road to look at there was anything else there is hardly nothing but around our yard there’s a lot of downed branches.

Open the garage door and helped it open by hand I I forgot to bring my house keys.

Then I went to Meyer and bought some 9 V batteries two packs of three I went back to dairy and talk to Diane while she was working the butter cart he told me to work all the juice when I come in and milk‘s I said I will we talked a while and I told her how it was when the power went out.

When I went to check out so Josh the main manager and he said The power will not go back on till 11:30 PM from what he found.

Then I went to McDonald’s there was a lot of cars and they got a generator working back there I got two burritos and hotcakes and sausage for dad and his coffee came back home gave dad his food and I mean and I helped him with the chair it’s just going real slow on the batteries in there I thought it wasn’t working I did it myself to show him.

Clean the recycling and put it out in the garage,

Tried to hook up to the Internet through my phone but I just will not do it I went outside to get a better signal just on my phone tried to add the online word press site just won’t do it either even tried to go to word press.com and Google and stuff and it’s got two bars and it just won’t do it I guess the cell phone network is too busy so I’m doing this in the notes and I’m talking outside to because it’s pretty nice here in the shade.

10:53 AM now.

Just laid in bed and tried on the other cell phone to get connected but he says no Internet connection and the hotspot on my phone and the phone has one bar but it just won’t connect to anything seems like a lie.

It was a person at the door and he wanted to pull all the grass up from the driveway and seal it with rubber sealant said he would guarantee it for like three years he came in and talk to dad but dad said that you don’t want to put any more money in this house because someone may want to buy it and just tear down.

11:44 AM new. Just trying this in the note pad.

Found a little 12 V it to AC power and I hooked it up to the cable modem I had to get the power wire all unwired and I hooked up my Wi-Fi to it but I don’t know if it’s going to connect and I wanted to light up the Solar power. I pressed OK but that goes two off power can I press it again so I use the flashlight and got a video of it I don’t know if it’s going to connect 12:18 PM now.

Worked on the cable modem I hooked it up to the solar power with the AC adapter and it don’t connect I guess the cable line is gone off to down I mean when I came to work and I connect to the Internet it’s 3G in there when I in the car 12:50 PM now.

When in and got a mask and it smells a little bit like gas we did buy the clock and clocked in at 1 o’clock went up and got tested and they have better mask up there and I threw that one away and got a new one it doesn’t smell talk to the person up there she says AT&T cell phone is down over here I don’t know I guess I hook someplace else and I can connect to the Internet good and she said the Wi-Fi was open here but I can’t connect to the Internet I don’t know why I didn’t say this to her but I thought of it later that the registers got to connect to the Internet the money came back to dairy and looked at the other mask got a mask and it smells a little bit like gas we did buy the clock and clocked in at 1 o’clock went up and got tested and they have better mask up there and I threw that one away and got a new one it doesn’t smell talk to the person up there she says AT&T cell phone is down over here I don’t know I guess I hook someplace else and I can connect to the Internet good and she said the Wi-Fi was open here but I can’t connect to the Internet I don’t know why I didn’t say this to her but I thought of it later that the registers got to connect to the Internet the money came back to dairy and looked at Midstates 1:11 PM now.

Got a little video in the cooler and seen there are 10 juice carts and I will take a long time to work.

Work three carts that are wrapped with use in between them I took him to the compactor to separate the plastic and cardboard then I went on my first break and bought a cheeseburger and it’s heating now 3 PM now.

Ate and clocked back in and worked more L carts oh juice.

Where did you flake heart because it was almost empty in between that the power went out and I asked and they had to replace something on the truck it was off for about 20 minutes and then came back on then I worked another to juice L carts.

Our power at the house got on about 2 PM.

I went on my lunch break and bought a spaghetti TV it’s heating now.

6:10 PM now.

Ate and looked around Some in electronica then clock back in.

At work was working the 2 skids of half gallon milks. It started to rain heal hard and Bill open the door of the cooler and said get a mop and go to isle 7 so I did and he was warping a column with a roof drain on it. It was making a loud sound the drain inside it must be clogged some. Some times it was coming out the cover real fast. I was mopping it up and wrap it tighter. But it still could not hold it. I got a little video with my cellphone of it.

The power went out and in about 20 sec the generate came on. But it don’t power the compresses and fans of the frozen or coolers. All the workers got tape and plastic wrap to cover the air screens. The took a while and some people still picking up the plastic to get in it. Bill said put tape on the gall doors and I did and then we started to tape the bottom of the plastic to the floor.

One man was looking at the cooler and he was starting to open the door and I yelled loud you can’t open that and he walked away then.

Bell said get a temporizer tester. I went to the bakery and they had one let me use it.

Was testing and it was going to about 40 degrees told Bill and he said put it in ice to get it to a better testing. I went to meats they have a ice maker talked to the person in there and he got a little cup and put ice in it I put some water and put the Tempichor tester in it.

Went on break and bought a big chocklet bar and went out side to get a video the built in generator it was going hard could feel the wind right behind it of the fan a lot.

Clocked back in and worked the milks in the cooler about all I could do right a 6 PM the power came on but it was a truck generator. I went on lunch break and went out there to see and got a video of the truck generator in side it and were they now plug it in. The trasnfor big mettle box. One of the man was coming to it and I walk to him and he said you can’t be here I could call the police and send you to jell.

Got another little video as I walked around the out side of Meijer.

Clocked back in and worked more in the cooler. Put the milk crates on skids in the cooler 7 tall if I did it 8 could not fit it out the door.

Filled some coffee creams too.

Went on last break and looked around talked to the person working in the compressor room some. He was making sure all the compressors were going.

Got a lot of videos and photos of things.

Clocked out on time with the wraps still on the air screens at lest in the cooler it was going down about 1 degree a minute. Clocked out on time 9:30 PM the day did seem to go fast.

Got a video out in the lot of the lot lights off they said they are not on the generator and that is how they will know when the power comes back on.

But the lot lights were on to the gas station. Must be because they run the power to the gas station like that.

Drove to McDonald’s and it was light up but had cones blocking were you drive in. I went around and could see a generator in the back. I guess they just got it and were making food but I was not on time for that.

So came home the garage door open and closed real slow. It works on a battery. I got my flash light and help Dad find his flash light that was on the table right by his chair.

Showed him how to turn if on and off just a push button.

Got a little video in my bed room. My server still on from the battery charged from solar power. The server still showing green for the one by the window. So it can stay up a long time. My cellphone was only getting one bar in my room. I got the ThinkPad lap top. but with one bar it could not get me Internet.

Gave Dad his 2 pills and went to bed and sleep about 10 PM or a little after.