My main server was down fixing a 3TB.

Got up about 6:30 AM I think.

My server was down again. The e2fsck -f -c -v /dev/sda1 was just over 50% done before it locked up.

Hold down the power button on the Intel computer stick and it rebooted. I unplugged the USB audio and plugged the Boot USB in that and that worked. So booted with all the drives on it. It did mount the 3TB as /dev/sda1 and I started that command again that my take all day. So typing this on the WordPress on line now and can copy it to my main one when it’s done checking the 3TB drive. Not even sure what one that is.

7:33 AM now.

The HDMI screen on the live Ubuntu keeps going to sleep. Looks like just have to press enter 2 times to get the screen to come back on. It’s the live desktop and I don’t have a mouse plug in it.

Looked at the drives. It’s the WD element one. The lap top size hard drive in a case that is 3TB.

Checked what I have in the bank and what I spent on Amazon because it shows it in the bank.

7:53 AM now.

Gave Dad his one pill.

Looked if I had a 8 pin U shaped Dim plug and I don’t. So looked on line and order 4 of them from a place. with shipping came to $12.83 then looked on Amazon for a S/video stereo cable and order one 12 foot one. I can cut it in half to make 2 C=64 video cables. I need to wire it different on the Ultimate 64. The cable cost $12.02 with shipping.

8:43 AM now.

Watched some YouTube on my TV and seen a video that the Nintendo Wii on line will go down at the end of this month. I looked at my Wii remote and it had some battery acid on one end. I clean it as good as I could don’t have any baking soda. I guess will get it when I go to work today.

Turn on the Wii and the big TV and picked component connection. It worked. I have not turn on the Wii in maybe 6 years seems like not sure.

I went on line looked at it some.

It was time to go to the senior center to eat. I drove Dad in his car there and they had birthday Monday today. So they bought out the food to use and had ice cream and cake.

We ate and came home and I got the recycle beans in the garage and got the mail.

Parked the car in the garage.

Looked at the Wii a little more and then on line my Meijer and they have the tax PDF can download and I did. Then uploaded it to the server were Debbie is and used Hangouts to tell her. She will not be back home to late afternoon said.

I did a update to there sever.

Turn off the Wii and typed this. The checking disk on my server with the Live Ubuntu USB stick is at 64.12% now. It should be done when I get home from work.

12:43 PM now. Got to get ready and go to work now. Went to work. Clocked in at 1 pm


Dad and I left Steve and Shrons.

We left about 10 am and I drove but it was hard staying awake. We stopped at the 1st McDonald’s and Dad gave me cash to get him coffee and I got a shack. He drove them.

I out Fankinboth in the GPS and Dad drove the rest of the way. He had some trubel with his feet doing the gas and break. He moved the set back and it was better.

We got there about 1 pm. I drop dad stop at the door and went in. I parked the car.

Went in. It was busy. We waited a little in line. I could not got to my sever. I went to Google wifi it said off line. I was on there free wifi there.

We sat down. Dad order the chicken dinner all white meat cost $2 more.

I was seeing it can got to smart power 2 but can’t see it on the list. It did say Google WiFi online too. Can’t see my server ether.

Maybe because have it in static.

They brought out little foods for us to eat wile waiting. We ate.

I typed this on the other WordPress. They came took the old plates away gave big one and waiting for the chicken now.

1:41 pm now.

Can’t get to my WordPress at home so typing on here.

Dad and I went to the senior center and they had birthday Monday. So bought out all to us. About 40 people there. We got ice cream and cake added more then usual. Then we came back home. I drove his car. I did say how I get a week off in 2 more weeks. He said maybe we can got to Choago on a trine that he would pay. I said maybe to Steve and Sharon’s up north. He said my not want us they only do when there kids are there.

We got home and I think I said for True image to do something and Chome closed then it said I don’t have permission to run Chome. I rebooted and as it did watch some YouTube on my TV.

Only had a little time to see if can fix Chome and never did. UPS came bought the shelf size USB power speakers. I just open the package to make sure what it was. Bushed my teeth and went to work. Had like 30 second to clock in at 1:30 pm. I did and got a video as I looked at diary. It looks super good. Dieann did a super job again.

Looks like she left milk for me to do. I know it’s hard for her to get down the big stacks of it now.

Filled the main milks and wrapped a skid put it aside they have the isle way in the back blocked off some.

Worked the skid of Meijer gallon water. I thought I could empty it to the shelf but only fit about 20% of it. There is now skid to put down to put empty milk crates one now.

Went on break and bought a fairlife chocolate milk and a small burrito. Drank some and ate the buttito.

Clocked back in. Tested Google wifi it says it’s off line. When I get home from work will have to see what it wrong it was working when I left for work about 1:20 pm.

Checked moniter-io it said went down at 01:48:22 PM so not long after I went to work. It did say up at 12 days the most I seen. Now it will go back down to 1 day after I see what is wrong.

Worked a small L cart only put 3 boxes up from it.

Filled some milks to get some crates. To empty the fat free and half % milks. Got it and the hose all ready to go out and called Bill but the frozen came. 7 skids. I made room in the isle way and in the frzzer. Got them all in and last one all most fellover.

Went on lunch bought and ate a soup.

Typed this as I walked to get a drink of water.

5:56 pm now. Got just over 15 minutes left on lunch now.

Looked around clocked in and Bill open the receiving door for me and help me by taking the bossy out and I took the hose out.

It took about 2 hours. Have to take all off it turn every thing over to clean the other side too.have to scrub it all wile spaying water.

It was starting to get dark just as I bought it in and out all back and fill it with the milk I took off it.

Went on last break and typed this.

8:41 pm now. I get off at 9:30 pm today. Tomorrow get the day off.

Got 9 more minutes left on last break now.

power went out about 7:15 AM

I was on my computer when power went out the screen went off but then back on and I just turn my Windows 10 off.

Looked at things that are battery backup still working.

Got my Sony wide screen camera and walked out side and looked to see if any power wires were down. I did not see any. Then went out with my cell phone and looked for WiFi. My Home one can see on the road. But can’t connect. I don’t know why but can’t connect with the cell phone. I guess the AT&T ant by Meijer has no power.

On on my Jetpack it uses the Ant down the road by the service drive. I got on line like that with my cell phone tetherd to the jetpack.

Reported are address power out to DTE on line.

Then hooked up my Chrome book. Hard to find how to get to this WordPress online. I looked on my phone have it saved to switch to it so typed that in here.

Power just came back on 9:02 AM.

Emmc memory messed up on Intel compute stick Got it fixed.

Got up for a wile about at 2:30 AM. Checked my e-mail and Google hangouts.

Typed the rest of yesterday and this.

3:10 AM now.

Went back to bed and got up just after 6 AM. Checked my e-mail and got one from Odroid about smart power 2 I was going to log in my server to test if can telnet to the smart power 2 but I could not connect to my server. I turn on the LCD HDMI screen and nothing. The power LED on and I unplug the power and back in.

But it will not boot! It gets some error and I took a screen show of it.


Not sure what to do to fix it looked on line and can’t find any good help.

Went to make a boot USB live Ubuntu but Windows will not let it right to the 8GB USB stick.

I guess will try the Windows on the stick by my bed.

7:58 AM now. Have to type this on the WordPress at because my server is down.

The top top I typed about 3 AM and my server was working then.

Got a e-mail back from Ian (Linuxium) and he said to boot from a live USB and run fsck on the emmc. I did and that did fix it some what but still would not boot all the way.

What fixed it was “dpkg –configure -a” and a lot of text went on the screen doing that like boot stuff.

Rebooted and it came back up.

It was past midnight and I open the new CD I bought at work. “Kelsea Ballerini Unapologetically” Started to rip it found out it’s county music. Windows media player could not auto get the cover art so I open them in MP3tag and edit it a lot. Took the pages out and scan them. I had to scan them with the USB scanner. Because the printer is on WiFi and I am connected to Comcast WiFi accost the street some place. I have to unplug my cable modem because it will just see that WiFi that don’t have any connection.

Got the new CD all scanned it took a wile to scan it and put it all in the mp3 tags. I can’t save it to my server with out internet.

It’s 3:16 AM now. Going to go to bed.

Looked at what photos and videos Google backed up.

Not going to bed.

3:28 AM now.

Got up just before 7:30 AM when Debbie called my cell phone. She said have to cancel Dad’s appointment today the roads are to bad. She said give the cell phone to Dad and I did and dad said he is drying because he can’t walk. Dad said give him a pitcher of water. I don’t know if we have one so I just got a big glass.

Had to hook up to Comcast wifi again. Then typed to Debbie some on hangouts and this.

I said maybe because Dad can’t watch TV now that he mostly does that is why he says can’t walk and drying.

7:35 AM now.

Called Comcast on my cell phone. Can only talk to a computer and I said “cable out” after a long time I could say to talk to a person and was on hold only about 2 minutes. Gave them the ticket number from yesterday. She just said some one will be out here between 2 and 5 PM. I said how it’s been over 24 hours and that’s what they said yesterday and it’s over 24 hours.

Told Dad he said he knows they want him to cut down that tree. I said it is the one were the limb came off and took down the cable from the pull.

Donald got on hangouts and said been calling Dad’s cell phone. I said it’s in the car and how he said he can’t walk and it dying. I guess because no TV to watch over 24 hours now.

8:06 AM now.

Got the mobile hotspot to work with the new name and password I did a easy one. I connected with my cell phone then with time it connected to the old one with no internet again.

Trying with my server and just the command line and can’t get it still to connect to my Windows 10 WiFi.

I went out to the car and the cell phone was not in there. Dad had it right next to him and he picked up the mouse but it was to late. I said that is not the cell phone. Donald called again and finely Dad is talking on his cell phone.

8:26 AM now.

Worked on my server but just can’t get it to connect easy. I bridged the Ethernet on my Windows 10 but could not get it to connect still. Just gave up.

8:56 AM now.

Can’t update this now. It just says “No Internet, open” It sees the xfinitywifi and I disconnect and reconnect and it don’t connect.

9:02 AM now. Just store this on my Windows 10 chrome for now till can update it.

I went out to the barn and got the long ladder in the back part of the barn. Took it out to the pole but a tree in the way to get the ladder on it. I did test it on the tree but it was to dangers. I cut that tree down with the hand saw and drag it over to the pile. I was to were out to put it on top of the wood pile.

Then went up there with the ladder. Maybe need 2 more feet taller and then would have to each back to plug the cable it. I just gave up.

Gave a video up there. It was high up. put the ladder back and got a video back in the barn.

Told Dad what I did.

Got on my comptuer and this time could connect again to xfinitywifi.

9:39 AM now.

Disconnected from the xfinitywifi so I could connect to my OnHub to connect to my server and that works. I found out all ready have that “Jackie Evancho Two Hearts” CD. But I copied it over the ones I had because I did a lot adding the tags data to the songs.

Then uploaded the 2 videos to my server I just did today out looking at the cable on the pole. Having Plex scan all now. I am not sure what folder it’s in on Plex so I just had it scan all that will take some time.

I can’t update this again now.

9:56 AM now.

Kenny came and then Debbie right after him. Debbie said she did not stop the appointment but can be late. So got Dad ready with putting pants on him but then he went to the rest room and got pee all over his pants and the floor.

Debbie took Dad to his appointment. Comcast still did not come out to fix the cable!

Got up about 5 AM and I took a flashlight out side to see if are cable is down in back. I was thinking that some cable was out for a lot of people but found out just us. It was dark out.

I thought maybe I can connect to a Xfinity neighbor but on my computer it did not see one. I looked for a small coax cable to hook up a antenna by the window. The ends look right but it don’t screw in. I switch the WiFi cables and then it seen a lot more I have one on the roof and then I got connected.

I had to disable more then 20 and I did the oldest one but like it 2014 I think it said.

Then I typed to Xfinity and they said some one will be out in 24 hours. I said about what time between 8 am and 9 pm I think said.

Windows can do a mobile hotspot and I connected with my cell phone and then wanted to see if my server would connect to it. After a long time seen it don’t see it’s name for my Windows 10. Then I seen the phone don’t ether. I don’t know why. I gave up.

It was light out so I went out back and looked batter. Got a video of it. The cable is down and a big limb on the power line. I got the ladder in the barn and then I got the big limb off the power wire. Move some other limbs that fell around there out so some time can put them in a pile.

Got another video of it.

Came in the house and Dad asked if Debbie going to come. I typed to her she said about 10:30 AM to take him to his appointment.

I found my WordPress on line and typed the rest of yesterday and this. It’s junk can’t connect to my mine WordPress with the LAN.

When we get cable back I can copy and past this. If it’s not back by the time at work I can edit this on my cell phone at work.

9:41 AM now.

Put this one line WordPress in the cell phone I keep in my car. But it’s not on line so hope it is right.

Debbie ask if recorded The last Walking Dead but did not the cable was down when it was on they my rerun it.

Checked my e-mail. Debbie said my be here about 11 AM because of the she has to go on back roads.

10:17 AM now.

Debbie came and as soon as she walked in her glasses got steamed up. We have a lot of moisture in this house because the duck work in the floor has water in them. Had to get Dad dressed.

It’s 11:11 AM now. Going to go the the senior center to eat.

Got ready and could not find my car keys. I looked and it took a wile to find them. It was in the kitchen by the microwave.

Then I went and ate at the senior center. Then went down to the sprint store. The person said it was cost about $100 a month. We talked some and that is just to much for me to pay for it.

Came back home and typed this.

12:09 PM now.

Typed some at home. But i plug in the cable modem and it only sees its WiFi then. I wanted it plugged in just incase Comcast comes out wile at work.

Typed this as I walk back to dairy.

Got a video of in and out side the dairy till I clocked in at 1:30 pm.

2 people for tee was there. They ask if had the little one. I showed them in the cooler and don’t have them.

I went up and got gloves. They were up there talking to the main manager and I waited some and talked to them on the way out. Said how it is super out the coller strips around the boxes. Makes it so easy to know what ones they are.

Bill called me. I said I got some gloves. He wanted to make sure I was there.

One egg carten was dirty and I went and got 3 paper towles. Clean it and a some dryed up milk on the floor. Had to use the scrapped on it.

Then looked a wile for a broom and dust pan. Sweep up in the coller.

Filled some milks.

Just past 2:30 pm then.

Worked the milks and moved a lot from the bottom to top shells.

Went on break. bought and at a small burreto.

Clocked in worked a little more milks and wrapped another skid and put it on the truck.

Worked the Yoplit.

Then milks came 4 skids I got them in good and worked one of 2 half skids.

Went to the meeting at 6 and we filled out papers that one my win $25.

Then I went on lunch. Bought a $2 TV dinner on AD.

Typed this as it heats up.

6:25 pm now. Got 20 minutes left on lunch now.

Ate got a drink of water and bought a music CD out it in my car. Typed this then clocked in. Put milks on other skids and got 2 skids empty.

Worked 3 L carts of juice. Then went on last break and bought a Fair life chocolate milk. Drank about half it.

Typed this. 8:08 pm now. 4 minutes left to clock back in now.

Faced up every thing in dairy and pushed it up in the cooler. They had me to 9:30 PM but I had to fill the milks and I did and wrapped a 3RD skid and put it on the track. Empty my shamrock and put it back in the cooler.

Got a video how I left it. If I could of done the eggs it would of been real good.

Came home and gave the cats food and water.

Watched some shows that recorded on TiVo.

Did fall a sleep on it some.